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Efficient memory retaining



Assignment: Ways to retain memory efficiently

Reference: Schudde, L.(2010) The Cause,Effect Of Campus Residency

On College Student Retention.The University of Wisconsin. Madison.

Summary:The assignment entails what students should do toretain the class teachings they have.

MajorClaim: The retention ability of students is dependent on three

parties:the students, the teachers, and the policy maker

ina school(school administration)

Rationale: Students have a very crucial role they play in their class work

Retentionability. They have to own the whole learning process

shouldbe very vibrant and have self-motivation in this learning


Instructorsand other responsible stakeholders should keep in mind

thatthe ability of students to retain new instructions includes:

  1. Exercise and assessments.

  2. Encouraging routine tasks

  3. Ensuring there are proper student welfare and support strategies.

  4. Advocating for peer teaching and self-tutoring among pupils.

  5. Giving student motivation upon completion of specific tasks such as awards.

  6. Advising students on the proper diet.

  7. Use of pictures and colors in teaching.

Assessingyour students will help them to develop a habit of remindingthemselves what they were taught keeping in mind that they

areexpected to present it at some time. Scientists discovered that some

Concretediets of food improved the memory capacity of pupils (Schudde, 2010).

Theoil of fried tilapia fish, for instance, was found out to be a veryhelpful diet especially to young people below thirty. It raises thememory retention ability by 20%. Similarly, milk, eggs, liver,peanuts and fatty foods containing choline were found to boost memory(Steven, 1982).

Evaluation:Like the author said, the choice of diet and teaching material highly

affectsstudents retention ability of class work.

My Response:Use of colors, pictures and charts while teaching gives the student

Avivid impression of what is being taught. Such impressions

gottenfrom figures and colors are easy to remember.

My Application:In a scenario where I`m teaching students in my class, I must

ensurethat I make the students and the administration sector entirely

awareof my strategies to improve student`s retention capacity.