Niche Tourism



Gettingaround Thailand is cheaper, and many forms of transportation areavailable. The most common forms of transport are the buses for longdistances and trains. Buses are cheaper and faster than trainsalthough trains are more interesting for a visitor because they arelower and offer a chance to watch the scenic view of Thailand. Aroundthe towns and major cities, shared taxis and air-conditionedminibuses provide the bests form of transport. Taxis are the bestform of transport from, the airport to the hotel room.

Touristhotel is the best option for a visiting foreigner because they arestrategically located near transportation hubs. Sheraton, Marriot,and Sofitel are the leading international chains that provide theseaccommodation services. The hotels are secure and provide a chance tomeet other nationalities from various countries around the world. Thehotels provide diversified cuisines, and food and meals may not be aproblem.

Manycompanies provide interactive and educational activities for tourist,but some are trustworthy and outstanding. BBK Tours( is a and provide varied personal servicesto visitors and aid in travel logistics. Tour Choice( is a different company that providestravel package in Southeast Asia including Cambodia and Vietnam andother luxuries scenery of Thailand. Thai plenty( is the other company and specialize ingroup and customized tours.,

Thailandhas exemplary beaches in the world. Moreover, its warm climate makesit a favorable place to visit for foreigners. Rich in eco-tourism andnatural scenery make Thailand one of the most attractive places. AlsoThailand neighbors Cambodia house the ancient temple of Anglor andother magnificent monuments and Laos which is famous for rockclimbing and picnic.


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