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Thearticle Spiritualityas a Predictive Factor for Signing an Organ Donor Card, hasbeen authored by Melnikov, S., Ashkenazi, T., and Bortz, A. Thisarticle focused on investigating whether signing an organ donor iscorrelated with positive attitudes towards organ donation, highpurpose in life, and low transcendental spirituality level (Bortz,Ashkenazi &amp Melnikov, 2015). The study indicated that signing anorgan is associated with positive attitudes towards organ donation,high purpose in life, and low transcendental spirituality level. Thepurpose of the study was examining differences in spirituality,attitudes, and purpose in life towards organ donation amidindividuals that signed and those that did not sign a card for anorgan donation (Bortz, Ashkenazi &amp Melnikov, 2015). This articleis significant to nursing since it helps nurses in understanding thatit is important to assess spiritual needs of patients so as toconstruct the right programs for organ donor card signing.

Onthe other hand, the article HealthEducation Needs of Incarcerated Womenhas been written by Shirley Dinkel and Schmidt Katie. The articleinvestigated whether empowerment, respect and trust are significantconcepts in educating incarcerated women concerning their personalhealth as well as their families (Dinkel&amp Schmidt, 2015).According to the study conducted, this was found to be true. Thepurpose of the article was identifying the healthcare education needsfor imprisoned women in a state corrections facility (Dinkel&amp Schmidt, 2015).This article is significant to the nursing profession because it canaid in understanding the healthcare education needs of women that areincarcerated. Besides, the article is significant to nursing becauseit provides knowledge and skills that nurses may use in reducingrecidivism.


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