Organizational Behavior Case Study Transact Insurance Corporation

OrganizationalBehavior Case Study: Transact Insurance Corporation


OrganizationalBehavior Case Study: Transact Insurance Corporation

What EspousedValues Are Promoted In the Claims Division?

Withreference to the TransActInsurance Corporation study, the espoused values that are beingpromoted by the claims division entails definingorganization’s “ClaimManagement Credo”:this was one of the indicators of change as initiated by Jim, whichgave the basics and the foundation to the philosophies, and actionsthat each and every claim manager within the organization was tofollow. The behavioral evidence for this included the improvement ofcompetitive position, good image of the customer service, and thedevelopment of a positive culture. Moreover, there was the buildingof a trust relationship within the organization.

Differences between theEspoused Valueand EnactedValue

Valuesin any organization are a deeper level of culture which is used toreflect the organization’s underlying beliefs. EspousedValue issimplified as what the organizational members say they value i.e.ethical practice. In other words, they stand for values and normsthat are explicitly stated, and prepared by an organization. On theother hand, the EnactedValues are valuesthat are reflected through the way in which individuals behave. Orbetter still, they are norms and values that are exhibited or becomesemployee behavior. This may differ from the espoused values from oneorganization to the other.

Withreference to the case study, the behavioral evidence for the espousedvalues entailed the initiation of a flextime program-employees couldscheme work schedules in accordance to their needs moreover, theannouncement of anopen-door policy-any ‘Claim-Division-employee’ could speak to himdirectly and confidentially. This is without having to go throughtheir immediate supervisor.In the case of the enacted values, the behavioral evidence as per thecase study entails low employee morale and complains. Othersincluded guarding of the employee-management relations.Organizational culture remains an integral element in the making of asuccessful organization hence an organization should embark onstrong culture.