Organizational Development Practitioners

OrganizationalDevelopment Practitioners

Organizationaldevelopment practitioners are experts in given fields who focus onadvising their clients on the best strategies they can use to developtheir investments. The experts are obliged to develop both theirpractical and theoretical skills since their clients depend on themto come up with creative strategies they require for the developmentof their investments.

Forinstance, this study focuses on the functions of OD in addressing thechallenges nonprofit organizations (NPOs) face during economicrecession periods. In many cases, NPOs depend on donations fromwell-wishers. Consequently, economic depression strains many donorsto the extent that they substantially decrease the support they giveback to the organizations as a part of giving back to the community(Kuna and Nadiv 63).

Asa result, the ODs working in the NPOs also suffer from the economicstress that difficult economic time cause. According to Kuna andNadiv (2013), some of these challenges include obstruction of the ODresponsibilities due to decreased availability of resources, some ODexperts develop a sense of over-identification with the organizationsof their clients, as well as some individuals, overindulge with themanagement of the NPOs (Kuna and Nadiv 64).

Theauthors assert that several not-for-profit organizations facediverse, intricate challenges that require huge capital to solve. Moreover, the number of citizens in need of the NPO servicesincreases every day. Subsequently, the firms require long-term andconstant funding, which is hard to acquire. The fundinginconveniences influences the operations of ODs significantly. Theoften modify their intervention methods as well as the scope ofprocesses implemented (Kuna and Nadiv 65).

Otherchallenges ODs face when working for NPOs affected by decreasedfunding including over-pressurization to hand in their financialanalysis of the organization before they can reach a comprehensiveconclusion. The situation mainly results when an NPO cannot afford tocontinue paying for the ODs’ services, and yet the need thefinancial analysis and recommendations to overcome a given problem(Kuna and Nadiv 68). On the same note, the article also notes thatthe professionals may be compelled to continue working for thecompanies on temporary contracts or without pay for extended periods(Kuna and Nadiv 64).


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