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Are you having an asthma attack? Do not panic. These simple steps will guide you to regain your breathing.

Step 1:

Make sure you sit in a comfortable position when taking medication. This is mandatory to clear your air passages and relax your muscles for easy breathing[ CITATION How14 l 1033 ].

Step 2:

Shake the inhaler and open the nozzle.

Step 3:

Insert the mouthpiece inside your mouth and close your lips around it. Push the canister to allow you to breathe the contents in.

Step 4:

Make sure you have breathed in the contents of the inhaler. This helps to clear the air passage that has been blocked

Step 5:

Remember that most asthma patients carry their inhalers or relievers with them.

If they do not have their medication with them, call the emergency numbers and get help.

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