Patient Health Data and Electronic Records


PatientHealth Data and Electronic Records

PatientHealth Data and Electronic Records

Althoughthey are used interchangeably, EHR, EMR and PHR are very different.Electronic health records (EHR) refers to an electronic system inwhich the health records of an individual are stored and available toauthorized persons. Electronic medical record (EMR) refers to anoffice electronic system used by health care professionals to recordand store their client information. Personal health record (PHR) isrecord in the custody of the patient or his family which carriedrelevant health records. The main similarity between the three healthrecords is the role of information technology in supporting thesystem (Cowen &amp Moorhead, 2014).

Thereare several that the health care provides are likely to derive fromelectronic health records. Electronic health records enable healthcare professionals to access patient medical information remotelyincluding full health history and medical procedures. This allowsincreased collaboration among health care professionals andfacilities. This significantly reduces medical errors resulting intoimproved quality of services and health outcomes. For example, due toelectronic medical records, misplaced or lost patient’s files havebeen eliminated. The system also enables fast transfer of patientinformation from one department to another or from one facility toanother resulting into improvement in the processes. The progressiveelimination of paper work results into increased efficiency in thefacilities management (Cowen &amp Moorhead, 2014).

Thereis a need to store patient health information electronically. This isdue to the benefits accrued from an integrated electronic system toboth patients and health care providers. Electronic systems enableshealth care workers to access or exchange patient health dateaccurately and timely. This results into improved quality of healthcare. Electronic patient health information also enhances patientsafety due to reduced medical errors and improved efficiency in thehealth care system (Cowen &amp Moorhead, 2014).


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