Peer Responses for UMUC Haircuts Case


PeerResponses for UMUC Haircuts Case

PeerResponse 1


Ilike your view is of the scope and quality being the constraints atUMUC Haircuts is well thought. I tend to think that the scope orquality of service is very important in the success of the measuresthat Myra is taking to improve operations at UMUC Haircuts. I concurwith you that the areas that Myra is trying to improve, all touch onthe scope and quality of the services offered. While some may touchdirectly on the quality, others impact on the quality or scope of theservice indirectly. I agree with your suggestion of evaluating theprocesses of each area with a view of understanding them andimproving on the quality. I believe if Myra would apply thissolution, the quality of the services at UMUC Haircuts would improve.

PeerResponse 2


Itotally agree with your view that the cost is the most importantconstraint in the case of project management practice at UMUCHaircuts. I think this is the reason why the improvement by costs waspreferred by Myra as she understood cost to be the big issue. Drawingthe knowledge of the material factor to project management, I thinkcost is the material factor because it changes impact on the decisionmaking process of the management. According to Lewis(2006), materialcosts are those costs whose changes lead to a significant change inthe organizational process, thereby drawing the attention of themanagement. I like your idea of research as a way of reducing cost.Through the acquisition of relevant information, the management canunderstand the areas that are cost intensive, and marketopportunities to settle such costs affordable.


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