People have diverse determiners of attractiveness. However, a general


People have diverse determiners of attractiveness. However, ageneral agreement is that good looks, facial features and body type,make an individual attractive. Neonate facial qualities in femalesmake them attractive. Examples of neonate qualities are large eyes,outstanding cheekbones, full lips and a tiny nose. Additionally,female attractiveness depends on having an hourglass shape, mediumweight and breast that are medium-sized. Features like strong jaws, awide forehead, wide shoulders, lean waits and small bottoms,determine male attractiveness.

Maintaining ongoing relationships happens by spending a lot of timelearning about each other. This involves constant communicationbetween partners. It is especially applicable for partners that arein a long-distance relationship. Since they do not get to meet often,they need to communicate often to sustain the relationship. Anotherapproach involves communicating more on each other’s positiveattributes contrary to pessimistic ones. Partners that positivelyappraise one another even during arguments have a higher probabilityof sticking together and experience more contentment in theirrelationship. Effective conflict management is as well crucial whenmaintaining a relationship.

Satisfaction when in a relationship is gauged by comparison of therelationship outcomes with personal anticipations. Further, gauging arelationship depends on the outcomes an individual has encountered informer relationships, as well as the results witnessed from otherrelationships. Relationship outcomes involve things like gettingemotional support, social class, and sexual satisfaction when in aromantic union. In addition, outcomes include the time committed to arelationship. When an individual benefits more from the relationship,then there is a high possibility to experience satisfaction.

A good friend is one that provides expressive and social support.This includes assisting each other when in need, making an effort tomake one another happy, ensuring trust prevails in the friendship andfighting for each other. Good friendship also entails expressing lovetowards each other, taking part in each other’s activities byengaging in mutual activities. Friends should also be individualsthat are compatible, meaning they get along with each other. Goodfriends must also demonstrate an ability to resolve conflicts andmaintain their bond even when in disagreement.

The three components of love are intimacy, commitment and passion.Intimacy regards to the togetherness, warmness and mutuality when ofa relationship. Determiners of intimacy are reciprocating emotionalsupport, demonstrating high self-esteem towards a partner andinterest of promoting the wellbeing of a spouse. Commitment is thedecision as well as intention to ensure a relationship lastsregardless of any mishaps arising. Passion is an intense feelingtowards a lover. It mainly involves sexual longing for a partner.Passion is linked to triggers resulting in physical attraction.

Social networks can be used to find partners, build relationshipsand enhance communication. The growth of social media has made itpossible for people to interact with strangers and some of thesestrangers act as potential partners. Social networks can be used inbuilding relationships as partners share information online, videochat and engage in other online activities. It improves communicationespecially for partners that do not live together.

Loneliness is when an individual has less interpersonalrelationships contrary to their desire. Loneliness can also happenwhen an individual fails to get the anticipated satisfaction from arelationship. Lonely people tend to avoid other, have no friendshipnetworks because they avoid friendships and have reducedself-closure.