Personal Soft Skills Evaluation


PersonalSoft Skills Evaluation

PersonalSoft Skills Evaluation

Incareer building, soft skills improve the interpersonal relationshipsthat determine how an individual manages people and developsperformance. According to Amer (2008), the success of any careerdepends on the taught skills as well as the personal soft skills thatinfluence a person’s interaction with others. The discussion on thesoft skills will illustrate my soft skills, describe the one I lackand show my plan to acquire them, all in order to improve mycompetence in managing a child care facility.

Someof the skills that make me proficient in a business career include isthe desire to research, efficient communication skills and propertime management. Research skills have helped me to remain updatedwith the recent business ideas. At the same time, propercommunication skills have helped me to understand people and interactwith my colleagues (Tsao 2015). I have been spending most of my timeto read business journals and researching on ways of making abusiness successful, I also ensure clear communication of pointsduring presentations.

However,these skills are not enough for a successful management career. Inline with my goal to become a director of a child care facility, Ihave to acquire more soft skills like leadership, emotional knowledgeand interpersonal skills. Leadership is the ability to influence thebehavior of people in order to effectively direct their actionstowards specified goals (Nahavandi, 2014). These qualities will helpme to be a role model to the children and develop potential futureleaders.

Toacquire these skills, I will reflect on my weaknesses and learn toimprove. By identifying such weaknesses, a person is able to remainhumble enough to socialize and learn from those who have succeeded inpracticing the skills (Suresh, K2010). I will also set goals whichrequire application of soft skills and assess them regularly. I willalso need to practice these skills in order to internalize them andpractice to become perfect.

Throughacquisition of the above skills, it will be easier for me to managemy employees in the child care facility. In addition, the skills willhelp me understand the infants who will be under my care at the childcare center. This way, I will win the confidence of the parents, theemployees, the children and the society.


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