Pharmacotherapy for Hematologic Disorders

Pharmacotherapyfor Hematologic Disorders

Pharmacotherapyfor Hematologic Disorders

Anemiais regarded as any diagnosed condition that leads to the productionof less healthy red blood cells (Erythrocytes) in the body. Anemiacan be caused by blood loss, diminished or faulty RBCs, and RBCsdestruction. Lack of diet that has a high content of iron andvitamin-rich food reduces the number of the healthy RBCs in the body.The drug administered depends on the causes of anemia (Arcangelo &ampPeterson, 2013).

Someof the drugs used anemia treatment includes-Carbonyl Iron. It supplyiron to the body thus act as a dietary supplement. It is usuallyprescribed for iron deficiency. Cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12 is appliedin the anemia treatment by increasing the vitamin B12 in thecirculation. It is normally used with patients with a pancreatictumor. It is also used in the management of folic acid deficiency andpsychiatric disorder. Ferrous Fumarate is also used. It replaces ironin the body in the situation where the body cannot produce enoughirons for red blood cells formation. L-methylfolate is administeredto patients with low plasma or low red blood cell increasing thelevel of erythrocytes in the blood (, 2015). Oxymetholone isused in conditions of low red blood count to increase the amount oferythropoietin, which is involved in red blood cells production(Chapter 50).

Agemight cause impact on the prescribed drug. Young children mayexperience acute iron poisoning when they take adult-strengthtablets. Older people experience nausea and vomiting when they takethis kind of drug due to their reduced immunity. Changing theprescription to ferrous gluconate may assist some individuals withrigorous gastrointestinal problems.

Itis necessary to take drugs between meals because they may causestomach as well as intestinal disorder hence reducing the sideeffects. Docusate sodium (Colace) is taken to act as a stoolsoftener. Milk, caffeine, antacid are avoided when taking this drugsbecause they interfere with their absorption. Iron pills are takentogether with orange juice as it increases the absorption of iron.Vitamin C is also used to supplement these pills.


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