Popular Culture of the 1950`s

PopularCulture of the 1950’s

PopularCulture of the 1950’s

Apopular culture is also called the mass culture. It is characterizedby the majority of populace falling in ‘love’ with the content inmass media channels such as movies, shows, and magazines (Sardar,2015). Since the rise of Television ownership in the mid-1950, thefilm industry has played a major role in enhancing the popularculture. This writing looks at how Hollywood both influenced anddemonstrated the mass culture during their 1950’s movies.

WhenTelevision sets ownership increased, movies were losing theirpopularity. Even heavy marketing did not work out. The changes madeHollywood adapt different marketing approaches. They started filmingprograms specifically meant for T.V broadcastings while at the sametime rebroadcasting old movies at a cheaper cost. There were vastchanges in production technology used. As a result, Hollywoodstarted to gain control in the movies industry, not only in theUnited States but also globally. By late 50’s, the audience wasstreaming back to the movie theaters as they yearned to witness therise of new movie stars (Finney, 2014).

In1956, the movie – ‘The Ten Commandments’ – was premiered.Movies were broadcasted in a form known as Cinerama. Hollywood wastrying to rue back the audience to theaters. The timing was optimumsince, after Second World War, religious stuff were selling. By theend of 1957, the movie got the nomination for more than six awards.The trend was incited by Hollywood’s ability to provide just whatthe audience wanted (Shmoop, 2015).

Withall said and done, Hollywood acted as more of a reflection than aninfluential factor to its audience. With technological changes, theAmericans wanted to adapt the pace. The subsequent actions of theHollywood when things changed without doubt confirms the role of massmedia and Hollywood on popular culture of the period between 1950 and1960 (Finney, 2014).


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