Positive Image of Nursing

PositiveImage of Nursing

PositiveImage of Nursing

Acrossthe globe, most communities place importance, value, and respect onthe nursing profession. In fact, communities perceive nurses asprofessionals, who have skills and knowledge to offer crucialservices that are needed to maintain and enhance people`s health(Rhodes, Morris &amp Lazenby, 2011). When a person takes up nursingas a profession, he or she enters into a contract with the community.The society entrusts nurses with their lives and hence nurses shouldexecute the social responsibility not to fail the community in anyway.

Apartfrom an attractive salary package, I would say that I want to be anurse since I like supporting people and giving them hope for ahealthy future. I want to be a proficient nurse who will interactwith the community at a personal level to help them solve varioushealth issues. I am a passionate and caring person especially towardsthe sick, and this is the primary reason as to why I chose Nursing asmy career. I want to be highly competent and professional in thefield of nursing to earn trust and respect from the people I willserve in various communities. According to Rhodes et al. (2011),nursing professionals need to promote a good image of nurses. A goodimage means that nurses should embrace professionalism,research-bases practices and be passionate about helping thecommunity in all health matters.

Ihave a family friend, whom I can refer to as a true professionalnurse. Magdalene devotes her time even when off duty to help herneighbors and other community members in solving medical emergencies.She is passionate about her job and takes it as her responsibility toeducate the community members on how to prevent and manage varioushealth calamities. Nursing profession to me means a calling andpassion for taking care of people in the community. According toPoreddi, Konduru &amp Math (2012), many nursing students chose thenursing profession without first identifying the challenges involved,and this is the reason many of them drop the course after sometimes.Nursing is a challenging career and one has to be committed andpassionate in his or her work to overcome the obstacles.


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