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TheWater Table by Philip Gross: Review

Grosshas explicitly explained the changing modern world through his bookbased on the theme of water. According to Gross, the nurture of wateris ever changing and hence symbolizes the nature and mysteries of themodern world. Water acts as a mirror through which the natural andman-made world can be analyzed to give a deeper understanding. Wateris a simple naturally occurring feature. However, it is so clear andcool that the whole world can be reflected from all aspects. Thewater table is a book that has simple poems, but which present deepermeaning to explain human existence in the changing globalized world.Gross having brought up in near a water body, seems to have studiedthe complexities that can be explained through a deeperinterpretation of the various characteristics of such a cool physicalfeature.

Thebook examines the modern world and the realities that humanity hascreated inside it. Gross has used language in such a way to invokethe desire to know about poetry and ask questions about humanexistence compared to water reality. Philip Gross has perfectly mixedscientific and colloquial in almost all his poems in this book tobring out the beauty of poetry. For instance in the poem “BetweenlandI”, Gross paints water as a body that contains mystery andcomplexities. He compares the nature of water with the nature of themodern world which is constantly changing through mysteries createdby human beings. From Gross’s point of view, poetry is asignificant tool for explaining human existence in the currentglobalized planet.

Thewater table has used poetry stylistic device such as paradox, rhymesand personification to explain the uncertainties of human existencein the modern world. From the author’s perspective, water is agateway not into the unknown but to what is already known. In severalof his poems, Gross corrects himself &quotwe see not a reflectionbut a recollection&quot. Reflection stands for mystery whilerecollection represents old ideas that might have been forgotten.According to Gross, poetry is like water that leads us to exploremore about reality and our existence as human beings. The bookrevives our memories and thoughts about the nature and our existence.The author inspires the reader to view the modern world and humanrace from a new perspective. Throughout the book, Gross uses precisevocabulary to enable the reader meditates about the goodness ofpoetry

Grossargues that the existence of water is comparable to poetry existence.The author has clearly brought out the idea of realism through theuse of carefully chosen language and approaches to define a singlesubject, water. Gross has used paradox to compare human existence andhow nature exists in water bodies. For instance, he compares peoplewith lattices found in water flowing side by side. Just as is thecase with human existence, the living organisms in water coexistspeacefully and together are attacked by calamities such as climatedisasters. Gross aims to open his readers` eyes to explore theimportance of peaceful coexistence and unity. The poems contained inthis book are vivid, carefully imagined and rich in language. Thepoem enables the readers to re-evaluate their understanding of therelationship between people and nature in the modern world.

Philosophicalanalysis of the poem &quotConcentration.&quot

Justlike many of his poems in the Water Table, Gross based the poem‘Concentration&quot on the reality and mysteries discovered in thewater. From the first stanza &quotSit quiet and in time…….themind uncurls like paper flowers in the water&quot. Gross comparesthe uncurling of paper flowers in water to uncurling of thoughts of aperson lost in poetry. Getting deep into Poetry is like immersingoneself into the water to recollect thoughts and imaginations abouthuman existence and realism. In the second line, the poem comparesthe existence of flowers that are invisible and out of sight to thepresence of light and water. From Gross` perspective, poetry is auseful tool in the modern world just like water and light.

Inthe second stanza, the poem talks about the sound produced by afloorboard when a person shifts. The sound produced signifies thatthe floor recognizes the existence of the person standing on top ofit. Gross emphasizes the existence of poetry and its importance inunraveling mysteries to its readers. Despite the fact that manypeople might ignore the existence of poetry, it is a powerful tool ofcommunication that cannot be overlooked. Poetry sprouts wherever ittouches just like flowers. The impact of poetry cannot be ignoredjust as it is difficult not to notice spouting of flowers. In thenext line, Gross compares poetry to air. Air paves its way into aperson`s breathing and gets accommodation in the breathing system. Inthe same way, poetry is comparable to air. It penetrates readers`minds and finds accommodation by impacting our perception aboutexistence and improving our understanding various aspects of themodern world.

Thenext stanza has been carefully written through the use of paradox andrich poetry language. In this stanza, Gross explains the phenomenonafter a drop of water touches the surface of a dark cave lake. Thespreading of ripples from every side is reflected or deflected fromthe water edges and patterns created. The resulting texture candescribe many things and help an individual to discover andunderstand his or her personality. Poetry is a just like a freshwater body such as a dark cave lake. It is made up of mysteries andthe unknown. When a person explores poetry, he or she get anopportunity to know more about him or herself by discovering personaltraits. Poetry is also a forum through which new ideas are passed toenhance people’s understanding of the modern world.

Thestanza entitles “SALT” symbolizes many aspects of poetry. Poetryhas a kind of taste just like salt. A drop of tear from our eyes hasa salty taste. The single drop represents a pool of water that flowin our body systems. Upon sweating,the water evaporates to form miston windscreens. The sweating is a sign that human beings might bedisappearing into space. Gross has used this stanza to explain humanway of life. Just as water evaporates and dries up during the dryseason, people grow old and die. When young, there is a lot of energyflowing through our body system. However, as people get old, theenergy evaporates from the body and leaves a person weak and unableto execute even the simplest tasks. The last stanza &quotHEART&quotemphasizes the importance of poetry. The heartbeat is essential forthe human survival and hence poetry is equally important inexplaining the mysteries of human existence in the modern world.