PSYC 1260 – Assignment #1


PSYC1260 – Assignment #1


How would youdescribe Myra`s personality, in connection with Freudian theory? Whatcaused it?

Relating to Freudian theory, the mind is composed of three coexistingfunctions (ego, superego, and id), which determine an individualbehavior and personality. The id handles the individual’sinstinctive nature where the top priority is achieving pleasure. Onthe other hand, the superego accounts moral stability or the internaldemonstration of codes and social rules. Freud understands ego as thebalancing trait that seek to help the id accomplish satisfactionwithout overstepping the constraints of the superego. Myra’s ego isthe only area in her mind that is connected to reality and iscontrolled by the principle of reality that has made her believe thatcleaning the house and making things in order is her duty. Since egois partially unconscious, partially conscious and partiallypreconscious Myra’s ego has used these three level to makedecisions. She exaggerates her duties in cleaning the house andmaking things in order such as tidying her yard and the gardenbecause she thrives on the compliment of people besides feelingcontented and proud of her estate. Her ego is as a result of herprevious experience when Sarah, neighbors and friends first praisedwhen she first cleaned and made the house clean. According toFreudian theory, ego is connected to id and superego through afeeling of anxiety. Anxieties can either be neurotic, moral orrealistic. Pleasure is connected to anxiety that warns people of theimpending danger. Her unconscious mind of cleaning and tidying thehouse may be due to excessive manual work during her childhood whenher parents punished her and trained her clean toilet. She was forcedto clean the house so as to avoid punishment and achieve security andhappiness from her parents.

Why does Myra beliefthat doing house cleanliness is her duty? Explain Myra is adoptingthis traditional role in connection with Jungian theory.

Relating to Jungiantheory, Myra psyche is expressed in three separate parts: theconscious, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious.The conscious is made up of memories, and it is the platform that hashelped people to adapt to the environment. The personal unconsciousis made ep of experiences or memories that at some point wereconscious and had since become unconscious. Memories are faintperception or personal experiences that have been forgotten. Theconscious mind can only store information at a specific time.Personal unconscious it a kind of storage venue in the psyche ofhumans. The conscious decision can easily trigger retrieval ofmemories stored in the personal unconscious. The memories orexperiences define a series of personality dimensions that comprise atotal personality that can determine how individual might behave incertain settings and the emotional response that erupts from thecertain situation in an individual’s life. Myra has learned toclean correctly house from her mother would punish her if when shedid not thoroughly clean the house. The collective unconscious isdeeply rooted in distant past Myra’s existence. It can be assumedthat Myra’s belief of house cleaning was passed to her from hermother and so on through the generation until it becomes a collectiveunconscious. Myra’s collective unconscious is deeply rooted in herindividuality in that she remains dependent on the expectation of thesociety and finds it hard to understand why relative and friend nolonger visited her. Resultantly Myra has lost a balance between whatshe is and her appearance to the society as a caring responsible andeconomic woman.

How might ErikErikson explain Myra`s personality? Which psychosocial stage did shefail to resolve and why?

Erik Erikson wouldconsider Myra’s ego to have developed throughout her life andcontrolled by genetically defined principles which have resulted tothe ego characteristic to develop in a predetermined sequence. Myra’sexpectation from the society, beginning with her mother, has played adetermining role in the way her ego has developed. The environmentaland social dimension exposed to Myra’s life can be defined usingErik Erikson’s phases of growth. According to Erik Erikson’seight phases of growth, Myra is at the intimacy and isolation stage.Myra has accomplished many economic autonomies that make her feelmore isolated, and alone at home. She stays at home, has saved money,and she has no friends. She tries to pass this stage by adopting thesadism phase of authoritarianism which has manifested by letting thehousehold depend on him and tries to gain power over them bycriticizing and being rude to them. Because of her lineless, she hasresolved to destruction by seeking to destroy her friendship with herfriends and relatives. The negative outcome of this phase has beenabsorbed in Myra’s personality and has influenced her personalgrowth and development.

Describe Myra`spersonality according to Adler`s theory. Appetite

According to Alder,every individual demands a sense of belonging to a community. Issueserupt when life experiences interfere with an individual’sintegration into the community. Alder hints that this complicationdevelops in the early life of a person and family environment plays asignificant role. Basing on their early life experiences, humans tryto define their interpretation of the world and seek their place inthe world. They develop strategies to live their life to overcomeadversities impacted on their childhood experiences. Consequently,the person strives for superiority or power so as to overcome thisadversity. Myra’s adaptive measures to her childhood experienceinclude being authorities, being clean and being economic. Myra’schildhood experience has developed her into believing that it is theresponsibility of women to clean the house, and this has made herbehave like robot without expressing her perception and she hasadopted to her mother’s expected standards of cleanness,orderliness and neatness. During her childhood development, Myra isexposed to the punishment which makes her lack affection towardsothers besides being hostile. Her childhood development has made hereconomic, hostile and clean. She always cleans and tidies the houseso as not be criticized by people. Her childhood disturbances haverefrained her from taking part in any productive activities, and sheprefers spending all her time working in her house and yard.

If Myra wereinterested in going to therapy, which of the above perspectives andcorresponding forms of intervention would you recommend?

The behavior andpersonality of Myra have significantly contributed to her housecleanliness, her interaction with family, friends, and neighbor, andher economic traits. Relating her personality to Freudian concept,her childhood experience has made her a cathartic personality whosesuperego is controlling her ego with an elements of anal phase. Sheis insecure, isolated, and loner person who as resolved to avoidreality by being authoritative.