Question 1 Compare the tone between Babbit and Looking Backward

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Bellamy has used a didactic tone while Lewis has used a sarcastictone. Bellamy is teaching the reader the problems that the citizensin the 19th C experienced in their social and economicsystems. For example in chapter 1, the source of income was fromtaxes paid (Bellamy 7). The conversation between Mr. West and Dr.Leete also reflects the didactic tone used because Dr. Leete exclaimshow that is the 19th C speaking. He discussed thesolidarity of racism, privileges of citizenship and the possiblesolution to the human society (Bellamy 47). On the other hand, Babbituses a sarcastic tone to describe Babbit’s character. For instance,Lewis describes Babbit’s shoes as black laced, goo, honest standardand extraordinarily uninteresting (Lewis 9). He also shows irony whenhe writes the desires of Verona is to marry a millionaire and holdhis hand while at the same time be a socialist and a charity workerin Zenith (Lewis 17). The writer shows the irony in the rich desiresof the people in middle and lower classes.

Question2: Describe the America in 1920

America in 1920 was characterized by social inequality among therich, middle and the lower class. Babbit and his friend Paul belongedto the middle-class as they lived in middle-class houses in Zenithwhile there was the rich class such as the millionaire that Veronahoped would marry her. Many of the American citizens at that time hadunfulfilled dreams such as Paul, who may have been an artist. Babbithad also hoped he would be a lawyer and a politician, but they didnot achieve these dreams that gave them much dissatisfaction in life.Americans are also forced to conform to the social world. Babbitt isconcerned about how other people view him, but he feels suchemptiness that he retracts (Lewis 397).

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