Question 1 – What kind of person am I?

Question1 – What kind of person am I?

Answer1 – I am a 20 years old lady whose origin is China. I am aninternational studying in the United States of America. People see meas a hardworking and diligent individual. These are the primaryattributes that I believe will drive my career and professionaldevelopment.

Question2 – What did I want to be as a child, how is that the same ordifferent from what I want to do now, and why?

Answer2 – when I was young, I wanted to become an artist. My childhooddream profession is different from my current career choice where Iwant to become an actuary. Currently I am studying university majoron Actuaries. I intend to build my career around this profession. Thechange is attributed to my intentions to earn more money since Ibelieve the profession pays well.

Question3 – what do I want from my career, and how will my career choiceaffect my life outside work?

Answer3 – I want my career choice to improve my financial status. I alsowant to earn high benefits from my career choice that will help meenjoy life outside work. It is rewarding to have a good-paying job asit helps one in advancing other life goals. I am a person whobelieves that career progression should enable one live better.

Question4 – What is my typical style of making decisions –

Answer4 – my style in making decisions is to involve other individualswith the aim of developing teamwork. I believe the approach isinstrumental to help one develop career by learning from others. I amalso diligent in my approach to responsibilities. I treat all detailsin activities with most importance since they help in faster andeffective realization of positive outcomes. Being a Chinese, I expectto meet significant challenges such as communication and culturaldiversity. This might affect my decision making process. Nonetheless,I believe that my cultural background will be important to thenatives in their quest to understand other cultures.