Question 3


Coca-cola Company targets a general consumer segment for its softdrinks. The company targets international consumers of all ages andgender (Rupasinghe and Di lorio 1). Since its products arenon-alcoholic it has become possible for Coca-cola to target and sellto both the young, old and children. However, more emphasis is on theyoung generation because they are the consumers most likely toconsumer soft drinks.

The company targets consumer segments through partnerships with itscustomers. These include “hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters,kiosks, petrol stations, cinemas, leisure parks, hotels, restaurantsand cafes among others” (Coca-Cola). Coca- cola uses bothdifferentiated and undifferentiated strategy. The strategy isundifferentiated because all its products can be consumed by generalconsumers. However, the company has in the past years adopteddifferentiation by targeting specific consumers through products likediet coke.

The actions aimed at targeting consumer segments align to CSR andbusiness conduct objectives. This is because Coca-cola has a businessstrategy as well as core values in place that realize the criticalsignificance of forming shared value for consumers and societies.Additionally, the country is actively involved in promoting thewelfare of communities in countries where it operates (Coca-Cola).

Coca-Cola’s coke drink is said to be an unhealthy drink. It is usedfor other purposes like cleaning, as an insect repellant and instripping paint (Rupasinghe and Di lorio 1). Thus, the product failsto provide a health benefit to its consumers. Consumers need to besure that the products they buy from the company are fit for humanconsumption. The company is in a position to monitor all its productsand ensure they do not harm consumers.

The kind of product that will meet the health demand of consumers,both ethically as well as sustainably, is one that has been properlytested to demonstrate that it will not cause harm to users. Thecompany’s brand is strong among its beverages (Bailey 1). It shouldendeavor to as well deal with the health concerns of these products.

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