Question one


Theevent that is referred to as Dust Bowl, where the event took placeand why it is referred to as the ‘Dirty Thirties.`


Theterm ‘Dust Bowl’ was first used by Robert Geiger. The term isalso referred to as the ‘dirty thirties’ because it was a periodthat was characterized by extreme dirt storms, droughts, floods,tornadoes as well as blizzards. The name was created by people whoused to in the regions that were drought stricken during the times ofthe great depression. It occurred in America as well as Canada during1930 to 1936.


Economichighs and lows that helped contribute to the ecological disasterknown as the Dustbowl


Theeconomic depression that was combined with a severe drought,extremely high temperatures and bad practices on agriculturalactivities resulted to wind erosion. The wind erosion in turncontributed a high percentage in making the dust bowl. Poor farmingactivities were the major contributor to the dust bowl.


Providetwo Examples of how the Dust Bowl demonstrates the concept of theTragedy of Commons


Individualsin the 1930s persuade their self-interest without caring about whatnegative effects it would have. Indeed, many farmers received goodpay for wheat, and this encouraged them to over farm on this plant.Year after year farming on wheat was done without consideration ofthe long-term damage. Unequivocally, this greediness led to the DustBowl, and there would have avoidance were their regulations.Additionally, ecological blindness by residents was a cause of harmas the windstorms and temperatures continued. Nevertheless, theresident found ways to overcome some of the challenges and adoptedsoil conservation measures.


Dosome digging online and identify if Dust Bowls are still occurringaround the world or if this is a thing of the past. If they areoccurring, where and why are they occurring? Be specific and includethe sources of your information.


Theevents of the Dust Bowl in the past eight decades cannot be comparedto any recent occurrences in the world. However, drought thecontinuous drought in western and central parts of the United Statesis worrying and experts are worried that history could repeat itselfall over again. In particular, Texas has experience from time tothunderstorms, which are worrying as they increase as days pass. Inthe middle of the USA, dry winds are experienced, and continuous landdegradation may lead to Dust Bowl all over again.