Reasoning and Critical Thinking


Reasoningand Critical Thinking


Valueof Education

DavidWallace believed that a real education has practically nothing to dowith knowledge and has everything to do with plain awareness of whatis important, and real. This inevitably translates into the idea thatthat the value of university education is to accord learners freedomto make apt choices and be in a position to interpret theirenvironment. Wallace uses the parable of a goldfish that does notknow anything about the water in which it swims. This statementunderscores the importance of sharpening our reasoning skills andjudgment ability to discover simple truths. Reasoning is an importantelement in creating awareness about our environment. It is thisawareness that helps us make the right choices in our day to day lifeand establish how sound we can empathize with other people at alltimes. Reasoning creates awareness such that even banal elementsabout various aspects of our environment are not ignored but arecultivated to make our life even better. This inevitably calls uponus to think differently, and accommodate alternative interpretationsso that we become conscious of facts, and hence connects better withpeople.

Itis true rage, emotions and frustrations can get on the path of soundreasoning, especially in the event where we are armed with factsabout a given aspects but critical reasoning helps us know thatalternative views are cr ucial. Critical thinking reduces the errorsin our thinking and improves our judgment and problem-solving skillsin all the tasks which one undertakes. I hope to improve myproblem-solving skills and think objectively within alternativesystems of thoughts, appreciating and evaluating their assumptions,inferences and consequences.