Reflection Paper 2

ReflectionPaper 2


Personaland Professional Accountability

Agood nursing manager should be able to provide leadership based onhis or her personal attributes. Personal and professionalaccountability enhances leadership because it elaborates one`seducation, ethics, involvement in professional body activities, andcertification. I am competent in my education development. I hold abachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Queensland. Ihave attended various management classes and seminars that improve myleadership skills.

Interms of Ethical Behavior and Practice, Providing leadership requiresa distinguished record in upholding ethical and professionalstandards. On my part, I can make a good nurse educator because myethical and professional standards have never been compromised. I amstrict when it comes to standards and enforcing ethical requirementsI do not have any record regarding breach of any professionalstandard or an ethical guideline. In general, I am competent andbelieve that I can provide good leadership (Hinds, Britton, Coleman,Engh, Humbel, Keller &amp Walczak, 2015).

Experiencein leadership is enhanced by associating with other professional andsharing the experiences. However, I have no notable experience innursing experience associations with other nurses. In fact, hardlyhave a year elapsed since I became a member of the American nursingassociation. Nevertheless, I hope my continued association, sharingand engagement with other nurses will improve my managerialresponsibilities and experience.

Besides,I a newly certified to be a nurse by the association and as such hopeto gain more experience through association and practice. This islikely to delay y efforts of becoming a fully competent nurseeducator given it will take tie before I adapt to the requirements ofthe practice (J&amp Rogers, 2015).


Plansare important in all aspects. I am fully cognisance of the duties andresponsibilities of nurse educator position. I am also aware of theeducational requirements and competency level necessary to qualifysomeone for a career as a nurse educator. My education level matchthe minimum requirements, and my experience put me in a competentposition.

Mycareer goal is to further my education level and acquire a master`sof science degree in nursing. Currently, I am aware that my educationlevel is considerable sufficient to qualify me as a nurse educator.Furthering my educations will, however, increase competence andexpertise in teaching students about the nursing profession. I have aclear goal in terms of career and educations aspect that is to becomecompetent. Healthcare requires continued education updating followingthe exponential development in terms of disease complications andtreatment methodologies.

Inmy current position, I have been with limited responsibilities. As aresult, I have not been in a position to forge a future using myskills and experience as a nurse. Therefore, I have limited skills inproviding a strategic direction and plans for organizations given ylimited responsibilities. However, aware of the dynamics andcontingencies in the nursing practice, I am well prepared withvarious management skills that would come in handy in decision makingdespite my limited experience with the same (Kraimer, Seibert &ampAstrove, 2015).

PersonalJourney Discipline

Apartfrom education competence, leaders need be competent in other skillsthat enhance delivery of core responsibilities. Being a nurseeducator require other skills that would enhance delivery ofknowledge to the students. During my undergraduate education, Iconcurrently undertook management classes that enhanced my leadershipskill. Moreover, I was the chairperson of the baseball tea. Under mywatch, the tea became county champions due to the unity of the tea. Ibelieve I can replicate the same in class and motivate the studentsto learn together and share their experiences to improve knowledgedelivery and to learn in general.

Teachingalso requires a well-designed course of action to reduce confusionand increase productivity. As a nurse educator, I would be requiredto have an action plan of learning well in advance. The actionlearning helps in providing order and tie management. I have chairedsome association meetings that are among the best. This was sobecause the meeting course of action was well planned before time andcommunicated to the stakeholders in advance. It helps in preparationfor the event and gives a clue to what is expected from the event.The knowledge would be handy in organizing students and delivering inmy responsibilities as a nurse educator. I am confident to reportthat I am confident in this aspect.

Lastly,providing leadership and vision is required to lead a group achievesits objectives. Under my current practice, I have achieved notablesuccess in providing leadership and direction for many of theresponsibility bestowed upon by my job description. I can work inteams and more so in a leading role. As a nursing educator, studentsexpect me to lead by example, and that is something I have previouslydone. My competence gained from active practice and participation inleading roles in successful team activities would be significant inaccomplishing this career goal. I am also humbled to share my cleanrecord in terms of behavior, ethics, and professionalism (Kennedy &ampChen, 2015).


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