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Repliesto the comments

Initiationthrough trial

Theprocess of Initiation is a rite of passage that has been used sincetime memorial mainly to elevate someone’s status in society. As foryou, it was from being a First Class Petty Officer to a Chief PettyOfficer this also means your rank defines you where you are in ahierarchy system of the United States Navy. The stages you wentthrough separation, transition and incorporation clearly were toughand as they say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thesestages were a test of character, tolerance, humility, and patience.Congratulations on having passed the initiation not a lot of people Iknow can endure what you went through and finish the initiation. Therespect that you will get from the junior officers beneath you willbe well deserved.


Indeed,it is a very interesting myth because people believed that there islife after death. And it was not certain that there exists such aplace, one of them being Valhalla and to enter Valhalla one had todie in battle. This meant that both men and women were involved inbattles not like in other societies that women were only to raisechildren and make meals for their families.

Relatingto your case, as an airman being deployed was a rite of passage andto airmen who have the same rank but have never been deployedpreviously. And those of who have been deployed there’s a voidbetween them because those who have been deployed before feeling likethe guys that have never been deployed are not worth to be the samerank as them. I would also relate this scenario to that of Africaninitiation by circumcision where a child who is circumcised feelsthat he is better than a child who is not circumcised yet they are ofthe same age group. This clearly shows that rites of passage are avery important stage in almost all societies (Lindow,2002).


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