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Creationmyths have been depicted as significant in explaining the emergenceof humankind. From the Chinese creation story, an egg is perceived asbeing significant because it has been associated with the emergenceof the human race as well as the emergence of the universe. Asindicated, it was through the egg than Pangu emerged (Leeming, 2010).It was through Pangu that the heavens and earth emerged. When Pangudied, his body parts formed different parts of the universe. It istrue to indicate that there was no higher power in the creation mythof the Chinese. However, the big question in the myth is theexistence of God. There is nowhere in the myth where God is indicatedto have the sovereign and higher power in the creation. Besides, themyth does not seem valid because it seems impossible for an egg tobecome a source of the human race.

TheEgyptian myth indicates that there was higher power in Nu, but theforce that Nu had is indicated to be so powerful. This dismisses thepower of God in creation. It is not clear where Nu came from. Also,from the Egyptian myth, it seems impossible to have men coming fromtears. From the myth, it is also not clear how Atum produced adaughter and son through combining with the shadow. Atum was not amale and female, but still had the power to produce a son anddaughter this seems ridiculous.

Inthe Norse creation story, Ymir is indicated to have power in theemergence of the universe. However, it is not clear how the skull ofYmir and the body could form the sky and the earth. The power of Godis still dismissed in this creation myth.


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