Requirements for Establishing a Business in New Jersey

Requirementsfor Establishing a Business in New Jersey

TheNew Jersey website clearly stipulates the process of starting abusiness. The first step is to select an appropriate business typeand then to register a corporation or a limited liability company (NJBusiness Action Center).Among the most frequently requested licences and registrationsinclude home improvement contractors and landscapers, child carecentres to pesticide applicator business types. There areoccupational licensing and certification licences to consider. Otherpermissions include environmental licences and permits, andconstruction permits that provide safety-related information (NJBusiness Action Center).

NewJersey State business sector is diverse, with investments rangingfrom pharmaceuticals, Information technology, transportation, lifesciences, financial services and advanced manufacturing. The industryhas the highest number of life sciences companies in the world. Itboasts as a global leader in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Thefinancial sector comprises both local and international financialbusinesses that fuel start-ups for job creation. The transportationinfrastructure provides access to the markets as well as thewarehouses(NJBusiness Action Center).

Thestate offers a fantastic combination of a convenient location,competitive transportation assets and free professional assistance onexports. The country serves as the gateway for global exports and hasin place five strategically placed offshore zones. Besides, NewJersey has two international airports and two ports situated on bothends of the country. It has established Business Action centres thatprovide indiscriminate exports assistance to entrepreneurs. Thecentres offer consulting services and educational opportunities freeof charge. Besides, they assist in the development of a viable planincluding the guidance to identify available global opportunities (NJBusiness Action Center).

TheNJ government provides opportunities for businesses to acquiregovernment contracts. Consequently, it offers advice to willingbidders by providing a draft request for proposals and request forinformation. The government website clearly lists the variousavailable state contracting opportunities, and tender awards listedon the government website. There are individual projects set asidefor the Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) to ensureequality. The division has established a business form on the NewJersey website to enable the M/WBE businesses to register forgovernment contracting and enhance the monitoring of any changes inthe ownership of such organizations (NJBusiness Action Center).


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