Research Proposal


1. Topic:Culture of Success

2. Issue:Whether or not students from low-income earners access to qualityeducation and recommendable salary.

There is something that is holding back students from lower incomeAmericans going to college. Despite the fact that they are the majorbeneficiary of incentives and wage premium has climbed, they need tobe supplied with the boom in response to higher wages, which is nothappening. Specifically, it is not happening to students fromlow-income families. The most disadvantaged ones are from black andHispanic families. Similarly, there is a division of students alongtribal lines. The main reason for this gap is that many low-incomefamilies cannot afford education fees because it is too expensive.Lack of money is the most explanation why students from low-incomefamilies and low-income earners do not go to school. There has been aproposal from both Obama and Hillary Clinton to increase subsidies ontuition. However, James an economist from the University of Chicagoargued that it would do little. On the same note, Heckman believesthere is a strong relation between the income of the family andeducation (Lindsey, 453).

Thomas Kane and David are also the proponents of increasing the fundsaccess they argued that most determinant of college going remains inthe achievement of high school. Therefore, lack of money ispreventing bright students and well qualified from matriculating.This still explains why students from the less disadvantagedbackground are not gaining the abilities to going to college, as itrequires. Studies have shown that most scholastic variations occurwithin the schools. Conversely, the same studies have shown theabilities correlate with the economic status of their families.Another possibility is that rich families invest a lot in their kids’education and tutors (Lindsey, 454).

4. List one reading from ouranthology

Brink Lindsey,Culture of Success

5. List of search terms

  1. Low-income earners

  2. Inequality

  3. Subsidies to students

  4. Wage premium

  5. Disadvantaged background

6. List of questions

  1. Why kids from low-income earners do not score good grades?

  2. What are the issues that affect children from the less disadvantaged background?

  3. What do scholars say about the inequality in education?

  4. What contributes to a culture of success?

  5. What should be done to help kids from disadvantaged families?


Brink Lindsey, “Culture of Success” (n.b): 453-456