Resistance is Fertile


Resistanceis Fertile

Resistanceis Fertile

Whatcase does Hossaymake?

Thecase that Hossaymakes is that people are destroying thenatural resources that areresponsible formaintaining life on earth. In doing this, they are not onlyendangeringlives of organismsthat live in the ecosystem, but also human lives. The author arguesthat whether people admit it or not, the humanphysicalactivities on earth are dangerous and would lead to problems.Therefore, if people are conscious of their environment, they shouldtake action.

Whatplan of action can be/is being taken? By whom?

Theplan of action that is being taken is civilaction.Civilactionis being led by citizen groups and civil societies pressure for morehealthy communities and environmental conservation. The civilenvironmental groups, community health projects and corporatesocietiesareinvolvedin civilactivities that have put pressure for environmental protection.

Whatis Hossayasking of the reader?

Hossayasks the readers to ensure thatelected leaders work for the interests of the people who elected themrather than theirown. The author goes ahead to ask readers to consider taking part indefining policies that would beinvolvedin environmental conservation. The writersays people should stop financing big projects that cause destructionto the environment and encourage those projects that conserve nature.Thereadershould ensure strict regulation of corporate actions and ensure thatcompanies do not take advantage of the poor to make more profits.

Whatnew environmentalism is emerging? (p. 231-234)

Thenew environmentalism that is emerging is one that has many faces. Itis a type of environmentalism that iscomprisedof different races, civilgroups and cultures. The environmentalism combines civil rightactivism, antitoxincommunityactivism, labourmovement, NativeAmerican struggle and others.