Restrictions on Gun Ownership Beneficial To Society

Restrictionson Gun Ownership Beneficial To Society

Restrictionson Gun Ownership Beneficial To Society

Ownershipof a gun has in the past been observed as a contagious issue withindifferent countries in the world. A survey conducted by GeneralSociety in the United States about the trends in Gun ownership in theUnited States from the year 1972 to the year 2014 revealed severalfacts. The survey indicated that household gun ownership had declinedby 31% as of 2014 from 47% in 1973 due to federal laws that had beenput in place (Smith &amp Son, 2015). Many countries have, therefore,made gun ownership illegal and established several restriction onebeing for a person to possess a gun he or she must have a license todo so.

Researchhas shown that these restrictions have been very beneficial to thesociety. For instance crime rates and conflicts have reduceddrastically within several societies. The major restriction countrieshave put in place in the form of law is the control of movement, anduse of guns for the purpose of public safety. This may be beneficialto the society in the sense that it would reduce the level of crimeswithin society since dangerous weapons like a gun will not be incirculation in the society. Restrictions have also been put on saleand purchase of guns as this can lead to illegal ownership of theseguns. This is also beneficial to society in that those who cannotafford the guns are protected from those who could easily buy theguns and harm their neighbors` in a case of conflicts. Gunrestrictions have also benefited the society a great deal by ensuringcontinued peace within a nation or even a town. It has also minimizedextra-judicial killings and abuse of human rights by those who are inpower (Gun Policy, 2015).

Somecountries have also eased restrictions on gun ownership to help fightterror attacks, and this has boosted protection of its citizens andalso improved the fight against terrorism.

Acquisitionof guns is also restricted to the age of an individual especially forthose legally allowed to own a gun. For instance in the U.S, Federallaw allows only persons of 18 years and above to purchase shotguns aswell as rifles and 21 years to purchase all other firearms. Childrenunder the age of 18 are therefore not allowed to own or access orpurchase a gun as they may accidentally shut their parents or evenfellow children. This is highly beneficial to the society as itprotects them from accidental deaths caused by children. Restrictionof gun ownership on the basis of the health status of an individualis also very important and beneficial in that if a person who ismentally ill accesses a gun, the society stands the risk of losingmany people in the hands of the mentally ill persons.


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