Rhetorical Analysis on Why Smoking Is Good

Rhetorical Analysis on a Commercial Why Smoking is Good

There are certainpowerful advertisements that are used by the companies thatmanufacture cigarettes that make the young and old generation thinkabout smoking. Though some warn that smoking of cigarettes will killone slowly but the powerful advertisement media insists whycommercial smoking is good. Back in 1949 in the United States, acertain doctor indicated that smoking a mild cigarette of brand Camelwas important based on the fact that sometimes it can act asantidepressant to stress, agrees with one throat and has a goodtasting. When a survey, was conducted doctors were asked whichcigarette they smoke, they indicated brand camel (Doctor choice,2011). My claim to cigarette smoking is based on the ethical part ofit. Is smoking logical? Inhaling of smoke from certain brands fromthe logical part of it is not good and is immoral. Even if a certaindoctor back 60 years in the United States recommended smoking in myopinion it is immoral due to diseases that are associated withsmoking.

From the commercialadvert of the doctor encouraging smoking Camel cigarette brand theimage shows a doctor smoking before starting the routine. It is thedoctor choice to smoke Camel cigarette since it has a good taste, andthe throat feels relaxed. The lady in the advert shows the pleasureshe feels when smoking the Camel brand. In the commercial advert, thedoctor who is encouraging smoking is asked, “what cigarette do yousmoke, doctor? From the survey, it indicated that more doctors smokeCamels than any other cigarette (Doctor choice, 2011).

The pathos part ofit we can see that many people value smoking since they associate itwith a certain pleasure. For example, in the commercial advert we cansee the doctor and a woman smoking the camel cigar brand to satisfytheir need. When one is addicted to smoking it is not possible torefrain from smoking. If you are trying and it is a challenge torefrain from smoking one may start by smoking two cigarettes per daythen the next day you smoke one, and finally you do without it. I amaware that many people feel they need to refrain from the habit, butit is not easily since one has adapted the behavior.

I have never smoked,and I do not contemplate to smoke even though the doctor isencouraging smoking of Camel brand. From the logic part of it smokinghas been associated with lung diseases and even can lead to asthmaand other respiratory diseases. If you continue smoking, then itimplies that “you are killing yourself slowly”. Even though theCamel brand is associated with a certain pleasure when one smokes, ifsomeone is sane then one cannot destroy his or her heart. Thecommercial advert that has been used to encourage smoking is not goodin terms of logics, ethics and emotionally based on that it isunethical to kill a fellow human being. The doctor should set anexample to the people to refrain from smoking since when one smoke itimplies you are hitting the last nail in your coffin.

The commercialadvert showing a doctor encouraging smoking was created to show thatcertain brands of cigarettes act as a mild stimulant for those peoplewho feel depressed in the morning. The commercial advert isoccasioned in the office work responding on how people can usecigarettes to act as a mild stimulant targeting the people who workin the offices. The controversy that was involved in is how a doctorcan encourage smoking to people? The commercial advert shows a doctorin 1949 smoking a cigarette in the office (Doctor choice, 2011). TheCamel brand is being advertised in the United States. In the advert,there is a woman who is smoking the Camel cigarette and upon the lookof the image she seems relaxed and enjoys it.

The commercialadvert considers the emotions of the smoker while it does notconsider the moral upright of the individual. Additionally, it doesnot give the logical reasoning why an individual should not smokebased on the fact health is paramount to the individual. The role ofthe doctor in the commercial advert was supposed to warn people whosmoke to refrain from smoking, but it is vice versa in thiscommercial advert. Logically smoking cigarettes is harmful to onebody and should not be practiced at all cost. From different surveysconducted it is imperative that smoking causes respiratory diseasesthat are costly to treat. It is unethical for the doctor to encouragesmoking since he or she is supposed to start a campaign on howcigarette smoking is harmful to one body. From the commercialadvert, the doctors prefer smoking Camel brand that they associate itwith enjoyment and tasting good. The brand though it is encouraged Idon’t think it is health to smoke due to the disease that areassociated with smoking. In my argument smoking is not good even ifthe doctor encouraged the Camel brand.


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