Scholarship Application Essay

ScholarshipApplication Essay

Iam applying for a scholarship funding from various entities in orderto achieve my goal of being a physician assistant. My mother has beensick for quite a long time. Following this, I occasionally engage inpart time jobs in order to provide for my other four siblings as wellas cater for medical needs for my ailing mother. My parents separated5 years ago hence, as the older child I have to work hard in orderto meet our basic requirements. I have set aside 7 hours a day inorder to work, and provide for my mother, and my siblings. The amountof money I obtain from my part time job is hardly enough to feed mysiblings, cater for my mother medical needs, and pay tuition fee.Since I was a child, my dream and ambition was to become a physicianassistant in order to provide outstanding services to all patients inmy community as well as in other different societies, nations, andcontinents (Borgman 78).

Ibelieve that I deserve this scholarship since I always work hard anddiligently and ever make use of all the chances life has to offer.Receiving this scholarship will be my greatest achievement thus farhence, I will not take it for granted. Additionally, I participate inco-curricular activities. After work and over the weekend, I oftenspare 3 hours to play hockey in which I have received many medals.Generally, I work hard in everything that I set my hands and mind onhence, I promise to put this scholarship into great use. Further, Ialso engage in voluntary and community work during the weekend, whereI visit and encourage the sick in hospitals as well as visit theelderly in various homes.

Besides,I possess various leadership skills that have enormously improved mycharacter as an individual. Recently, I led a campaign against druguse among teenagers in my community. I played the role of sensitizingthe youths on the vices that come along with drug use. Greetham (13)early marriage and dropping out of school as some of these vices. Asthe campaign came to an end, I received a certificate andcongratulations message for my commendable leadership skills.Additionally, I headed the debate club in high school and movedvarious motions on healthcare.

Sincemy childhood, I have worked hard to ensure that one day I pursue acareer as a physician assistant hence, I believe that thisscholarship will improve my future in an immense manner. With mydrive and resilience, I will work hard and ensure that thisopportunity bear good fruits. Other than career goals, I desire tohelp other less fortunate children in the society to pursue theircareer goals in the future. I will work hard and attain good gradesthat will be key in fulfilling my dream. In my observations, mostscholarships require an individual to possess clean records behavior(Ellis 67). Personally, I have grown up to be a morally uprightindividual who has no criminal records, thanks to my mother whoinstilled discipline and punished me whenever I wronged. Thus, I feelI deserve this scholarship since I have no bad records. I pray andhope that you will consider my plea and application in order for meto pursue my dream career and contribute towards improving thesociety.


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