Scott Mitchell


The presentation by Scott is similar to motivation talk and from thevideo it is abundantly clear that the speaker sought to motivate andencourage the students at the university to pursue their goalsconsistently. It is interesting to note that the introduction of thespeaker was vital and it created the mood and the expectation oflistening to the speaker. The speaker’s dressing is critical forthe form of lecture he is offering the student.

It is evident that the speaker has all the facts and points for hispresentation in the back of mind. This is essential as it makes thepresentation extremely interesting and also associated to thespeaker. The speaker has presented a number of stories such as hisfather’s demise and how he became a football player as a way ofencouraging the young teenagers. The stories seem to be relating todifficult situations which the speaker took positively and aslearning avenues. The speaker has encouraged the audience to takefailure as strength and as an opportunity to learn. It is alsoevident that the speaker has encouraged the audience to surroundthemselves with people who matter and people who are of greatimportance to them. On the same note, the speaker has encouraged theaudience to avoid people who are likely to pull them back.

The speaker has presented an interesting and captivating lecture.The use of personal testimonies helped to strengthen the presentationor to add credence to the presentation. It is clear from thepresentation that the speaker used a few jokes to keep the audiencealert to ensure that they are not bored. It can also be said that thespeaker ensured that he used body and hand movement in thepresentation to catch the attention of the audience. The presentationwas interesting and captivating. The audience must have beenencouraged and given hope through the various personal and familystories that the speaker presented.