“Searching for Sugarman” is an interesting movie-documentary. It


instills hope in viewers as is demonstrates the changes in Rodriguezlife from a manual laborer to becoming a celebrity in South Africa.

I think the movie has a lot of teachings about life. First, itinforms on the significance of artists like Rodriguez. It takes acourageous individual to create art even when they are uncertain ifthe music will be accepted in society. Artists in most cases expresstruths, which the world is often not ready to accept. This probablyexplains why Rodriguez’s music did not make him a celebrity inAmerica. The country was reluctant to accepting the subversivemusical message of a manual laborer. However, his music manages tosell in South Africa making him a famous individual in the countrybecause his music gave South Africans a voice. During the apartheid,the music indirectly assisted in changing things. The movie depictsart in form of music as society’s mirror, which reflects people’sconcerns and provides resolutions to existing issues. The film alsointerestingly brings out the conflict between culture and economicaffluence. Society teaches us to seek wealth and become rich. This isbest illustrated in the music industry during Rodriguez time, whenmusical corporations would do anything from altering the actualmessage of an artist’s lyrics to using lyrics they suppose wouldsell. The objective of the music becomes to make as much money aspossible disregarding any cultural significance of the music. DespiteRodriguez being a manual laborer he understands that cultural wealthis better than economic affluence. Hence, he takes his children toconcert halls, rooftops and museums, where they are able to learnabout their culture. The experiences indirectly make them wealthieralthough they do not have material possession.