Significant Impact Event in America


SignificantImpact Event in America

SignificantImpact Event in America

TheSeptember 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America remains a historicalevent that is remembered not only in the U.S but all over the world.It was the day America experienced a terrorist attack of the TwinTowers in the New York City. It was reported that about 3000 peopledied as a result of that unfortunate ordeal (Brown, 2011). This eventis important because it had tested the judicial systems, thepolitical decisions of the government and finally the fundamentalbeliefs and values of the American people.

Therole of the government in the homeland and imperial security abroadbecame a center of the argument. The attack exposed the vulnerabilityof the American people to terrorism and the government had to checkits former policies on international obligations. It opened anotherset of agendas on social justice and internationalism. As a result ofthe attack, the government increased its military spending and taxcuts were imposed. This resulted to deficit budgets in the governmentrecords (Morgan, 2009).

Thisevent becomes indelibly absorbed to the American people. It is anannual event that is marked in the American calendar. It tested theprinciples and beliefs of the American people on reconciliation,justice and humanity (Hampton, 2011). That this action resulted froma perverse criminal ideology that used religion falsely to justifytheir criminal activities brought people to learn the true meaning ofjustice. That revenge was an action that contradicted justice(Hampton, 2011). That responding violently and making irrationalchoices was definitely going to have negative repercussions to theirlives, their children’s future and for other children’selsewhere.

Thisevent remains significant to Americans from all spheres of life asthey recognize the need for a peaceful world. Americans startedappreciating peace as a universal human need that connects allpeople, irrespective of race, creed or political belief. As a resultof this unfortunate event, there are social movements that promoteworld peace which is a fundaments human need. September 11thfamiliesfor peaceful tomorrow movement, remains to be an example of thepositive steps the American people are taking to promote world peace.This also confirms the beliefs of the American people on theimportance of world peace.


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