Snow White and the Huntsman

SnowWhite and the Huntsman

Snowwhite and the huntsman is a fancy film released in 2012 depicting aGerman elf tale “snow white”. Fairy tales mainly entailcharacters such as elves, witches, dwarves among other magicalenchantments. They mainly exist in literary or oral form. Itsexistence in literary form makes them generally hard to trace interms of origin and history. Evidence shows that fairy tales haveexisted for many years typically thousands of years with numerouscultures worldwide. Initially, fairy tales targeted the adults as theaudience. The trend has shifted with time, with children being thetarget audience nowadays. As a matter of fact, they are included inchildren’s literature nowadays.

Dueto the popularity of these tales, most movies opt to base theirstories in them. For instance, the legends of Hercules, Robin Hood,and Cinderella among others are some of the fairy tales that havefound their way into the studio. Production of movies relaying thefairy tales are meant to provide a visual sense of written or utteredstories. It widens the audience since not only children are funs ofmovies. Since the tales are currently utilized in literature,learning them through movies is made easier. Additionally, learninghas been made enjoyable since most people like watching more thanreading.

Snowwhite and the huntsman is a fairy tale that attracted much audienceboth for wrong and right reasons. Its storyline proved to beenjoyable hence the need to produce a movie of the same. It becomes atricky affair to give the real tale through acting. Sometimes thetales end up losing the real meaning depending on the additions orsubtractions. Reading and watching the real movie tend to vary inmany cases. This paper will look to compare the original snow whiteand huntsman tale to the movie itself. An in depth analysis to showhow the two sets come through will be a major undertaking within thispaper.

Creatinga fantasy movie is quite a hectic task. In this case, thescreenwriters of the film showed a weakness in creating a fantasyworld. For instance, Snow White’s mum wished to have a girl whoseskin was white as snow, black raven like hair, red lips which likenedto blood, and a strong spirit like a rose growing in winter. Themovie then makes the audience to believe that the wish made wassomeway magical, even though no spell was cast. The movie goes on toportray Snow White as a spirited person though nothing shows howspirited she is. In fact, it is told to the audience through amonologue conveyed by Chris Hemsworth in some brogue. Comparing thisto the real tale shows a disparity in terms of fantasy creation. Theaudience expects to see fantasy created especially in this part. Forexample, it could have been much fun to see a girl havingenchantments as portrayed in the fairy tale itself.

Anotheraspect that can be deemed challenging entails Snow White’sChristianity. As portrayed in the folk tale, the land is full ofmagic. However, according to the movie, Snow White uses Bible perfectprayers and how she achieves that in a land full of magic remains amystery. According to the folk story, the land in which it is set updoes entail any Christian like activities. To see Snow White prayingeloquently is a misstep. Though the filmmakers may be trying tointegrate the current world with Snow White’s era, the tale ends uplosing the original meaning [ CITATION Emi12 l 1033 ].

Theevil queen is drawn out well as portrayed in the folk tale. However,listening or reading the story is more interesting than watching themovie itself. The queen seems to be more powerful in the tale than inthe movie. For instance, she ought to have enough powers to deal withSnow White at a tender stage. The way she creeps into the palace andtakes over is quite unimaginable. It does not exactly correlate tothe original folk tale.

Inother aspects, some actors within the movie are trying too hard tomake it worth watching. The movie lacks a sense of humor. As per thefolk tales, the main aims were to somehow entertain its audience aswell as draw some meaningful lessons. This happened to be the case inthose eras and probably the way the original tales were presentedbrought about humor. However, in this movie, it lacks a sense ofhumor which is quite essential in the current world. Instead, itrepresents random movements across mountains that are aimless. Thecurrent audience is quite demanding when it comes to movies and canbe quite selective. This movie for a fact does not replicate theoriginal folk tale. It lacks the charisma entailed within theoriginal tale.

Themovie is also quite predictable. When the huntsman taught Snow Whitesome skills, it was quite obvious she will be using them at somepoint. The unpredictability of the original tale made it enjoyable.The means Snow white uses to defeat the evil queen does not entirelycorrelate to the original tale. All in all both stories end with SnowWhite defeating the evil queen and taking over the kingdom.

Inconclusion therefore, replicating an original folk tale in form of amovie is a tedious task that requires much creativity. As much asintegrating the old days to the current ones is quite vital, it doesnot necessarily entail replacing the olden day’s deeds e.g. mode ofpraying. This ends up interfering with originality.


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