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Similarity/Difference between views in the reading and the world: theuse of sweetened beverages has been discouraged by medicalprofessionals both on the radio or those being interviewed live onTV. Consumption of excess sugar results into harmful effects such asobesity and is associated with diabetes. Instead, use of fruits suchas bananas, mangoes, oranges, etc. is encouraged due to its healthbenefits in social medical and on the radio. Mothers play animportant role in her child’s diet as she is a key player ischanging eating behavior of their children. Consumption of too muchsugar is claimed to be one of the reasons for a large number of obesechildren in Australia. However, there are advertisements for softdrinks (beverages) that encourage the use of certain beverages e.g.coca cola whose advert is in nearly all social networks.

The work isimportant in our community due to its recommendations concerningsweetened food and beverages as well as their harmful health effects.The findings of the study can help families especially mothers helptheir children change eating behaviors that threaten their healthstatus. Health conditions such as obesity and comorbidity can bemanaged and prevented early enough during childhood. The communitywill be equipped with appropriate knowledge on the type of food thechildren and even adults should consume for health reasons. Theimportance of fruits and vegetables will be well communicated as thatthe community can make informed decisions about the food theyconsume.

There has beenincreasing cases of childhood obesity in the USA. According to CDC,the number of 6-11-year old children with obesity has increased from7% in 1980 to 18% in 20122. This threatens the health of children.This paper is important in the USA society as it provides socialmethods through which such incidences can be reduced. An example is achange of eating habit of children through the help of their mothers.


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