Social Context of Business

SocialContext of Business

SocialContext of Business

Fromthe several topics that we have covered, I shifted more focus andattentiveness on the main issues that are facing the Canadianbusinesses. Canada being a country that can boast on how it happensto be the seventh largest economy in the world would not be expectedto face the challenges that lead its growth to a down height in theinternational market. It has clearly been made evident that theCanadian market has numerous factors that hinder it from bettergrowth which include brain drain. This is whereby skilledindividuals defect and migrate to other countries like the U.S wherethey get offered a better pay than being in there own country(Nerbas, 2013).

Anotherbig issue that the Canadian businesses face is lack of better andwell planned out leadership, this starts from the politicians whohave been given the obligations to bring about the growth of economy(Nerbas, 2013). These particular individuals have proven to lackefficient and productive strategies that will change Canada businessplatform into becoming a desirable investment ground. The Canadiandollar also largely adds as one of the challenges as it is weak, bythis the small business people will tend to take their businesses tothe U.S where the dollar has enhanced.

Accordingto my understanding, the principal issue that the Canadian businessesface comes from the government’s inability to be able to controlits business table, and hence, it has assumed its own citizens whoare well skilled. Through this assumption, the unskilled personnel’sget to make choices that have proved to be unproductive to theeconomy. In conclusion, the Canadian government should hire skillfulindividuals who will become better leaders in the business department(Nerbas, 2013)



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