Social Learning Theory

SocialLearning Theory


SocialLearning Theory

Oneof the key theories in learning that over time been used to explainthe aspect of learning among people is the SocialLearning Theory. Ithas been one of the influential learning theories. In summary, thetheory was coined or formulated by Bandura Albert and broughttogether the ideas of traditional learning explanation as well asoperant conditioning theory by Skinner (Hanna et al, 2013). Thetheory states that, behaviors can be learned through observation ofthe environment, or the people around (social context) (Brown&amp Lent, 2005).For example, children may learn through observation of the adults, orby observing the people around them (models). The model can be a liveone, verbal instruction or else a symbolic model.


Jameshas been promoted to be the new manager for the poor performing ABCCompany. He has been chosen as the most qualified person to turn thedownward trend being recorded by the company, as well as the highrate of employee leaving the company. Using the social learningtheory, James came up with leadership style, and which he promptedthe employees to follow. He developed a model, and instead of justtelling the employees what to do, he acted first ad they followedhim. He acted as the model for the proposed change. Secondly, heencouraged the workers to adopt his behaviors, as he observed themwhether they did as they were supposed to. Finally, he establishedconsequences for any of them who deviated from the track (Brown&amp Lent, 2005).This entails the idea that, when the employee failed to follow whatwas required of them, he verbally cautioned them, and also sanctionedthem. At the end of his 9months in charge of the ABC company, Jameshad managed to instill his managerial attributes to the employees,and they learned by observing his actions, and the way he executedhis work

Thereason why I chose this theory is due to its vast application toexplain the learning behavior. For example, the theory can be used toexplain learning in the classroom scenario it has also been used toexplain how people deviate from the social acceptable behaviors, aswell as how the theory can be applied to correct an unwanted behavior(Tittle et al, 2012).


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