Social Media effects on social communication


SocialMedia effects on social communication

SocialMedia effects on social communication

Thesocial media affects the social communication since many people liketo make new friends more on social networking than face to facecommunication. Tweeting, facebooking and texting are the preferredform of communication for many people dominates the offline andonline conversations. The recent study shows that one in every fourpeople take more time specializing than they do in person. Theparties or events, guest attached to texting or tweeting but no oneengages or interacts with the people around them. In essence, we havea generation that is aligned to social networking than face to facecommunication. The shift may affect the ability to communicate withthe peers.

Socialmedia creates weak family relationship and relationship betweenfriends in that they cannot communicate or understand each other.Their social influence is limited since communication is onlyconfined within the social networking. Research has shown that mostpeople in families take more time in social media than they do withtheir friends and families. As a result, the relationship betweenpeople is weaker. People who spend more time on social sites maystruggle to understand the emotions. In essence, this cannot immersethemselves on emotional symmetry of their friends and families. Thus,they may become more dependent on others.

Socialmedia has created a culture where individual communicate more topeople who are far away than the people around them. In essence, thisaffects their relationships. In total a person can spend 8 hours onsocial sites and this may amount to lack of concentration. It can beoverwhelming. The social media has magnified problems which areinclusive of bullying and cheating online. The social media affectthe esteem of people and the ability to communicate and interact.This affect how we engage with one another. There is a shift in howpeople communicate with each other rather than face to faceinteractions. This is a meditated communication. This weakens thesocial ties where we are not personally connected as we do with faceto face communication.


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