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(Spacefor Personal address)

October12, 2015

Ms.Emily Talentino

Give&amp Surf Organization

Directorof Development

560East Street Avenue

Hartland,MI, 81357

DearMs. Talentino:

Thankyou for the time and effort you dedicated when considering myapplication as a general administration intern. I treasure thekindness that both you and your staff have directed towards me byoffering me the job.

Give&amp Surf mission impresses me, as its aim is to improve the livingstandards of the Panama people. My ambition is to serve in acapacity where the knowledge and experiences I have acquired will addvalue, empower, deliver as well as improve efficiency.

However,I regret to inform you that, due inescapable circumstances, I haveobliged to decline the offer. My younger brother is bedridden. Heneeds my both my physical presence and financial support.Consequently, the high medical expenses that both my family and Ihave incurred have put us on financial dire straits. I cannot manageto pay for my personal maintenance and housing expenses during thevoluntary internship. Furthermore, I have opted to stay and providemoral support to my family.

Iam passionate about helping others, creative and outgoing person. Iwould like to request that you defer my internship until next yearwhen I can afford to pay for maintenance and my family will notrequire moral support. It is my hope that our paths will cross oncemore in the future, and I will help to create a positive impact amongmy people and my country Panama.

  • Passion for helping others

  • Outgoing, creative individual who can help us reach new audiences and building strong partnerships

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Experience working with low income or indigenous communities preferred

  • Experience working or volunteering with other nonprofit organizations/NGOs preferred

Managingone’s resources well is a part of any successful endeavor.Currently, my younger brother has fallen ill and requires more of myown resources. For the next few months, it is necessary that I stayclose to my family, and contribute financial resources to aid in hisrecovery. Although all my savings are needed to pay for my brothersmedical bills, I hope to support Give &amp Surf as an intern orvolunteer at some later time when I will be able to pay for housingin order to serve the indigenous communities in Panama.

Because I was so impressed withGreenley Corp., I had a difficult decision to make. After muchthought and careful deliberation, however, I have decided not toaccept your offer.

Thankyou for the time and effort you spent considering me for a positionas seminar leader. I appreciate your time and effort — as well asthose of your staff. I am grateful for your offer of employment.