Strategic Management Plan

Coca- Cola Company

As noted by Hays(2004), Coca-Cola Company is a global leading company in carbonateddrinks. The company was founded in 1886 by the name John Stith, whowas a pharmacist. Since then, Coca- Cola has made a significantcontribution in the beverage production.


The mission of thecompany is to refresh the entire world with an aim of creating valueand making a distinction in the beverage industry. It is worth notingthat, to inspire the customer, Coca- Cola needs to make the customershappy.


Coca- Cola vision isto make people inspired, satisfied as well as attaining their needs.However, due to stiff competition in beverage industry, Coca- Colauses technology to ensure that innovation and creativity is achieved.The human resource manager of the company hires employees based oncompetence, so that they are creative enough with their routines.

The key reason forchoosing Coca-Cola is that, it is easier to obtain its strategicmanagement plan. Through its official website, it is also easier toget more information required to complete the final paper, such asinternal and external analysis, objectives and goals among others.This information will assist to understand its strategic planning indepth.

The technology usedby Coca-Cola is aimed at meeting its customers’ need. For example,producing products that consider low-income earners and ones that arefree from chemical additives. The managers normally use theadvertising methods that entice the customers to be part and parcelof the company, and thus, individuals like to be associated with thecompany. The next reason for choosing the company is becauseCoca-Cola has proven that it can serve the clients by refreshing themand meeting their need.


Hays, C. (2004). The real thing: Truth and power at the Coca-ColaCompany. New York: Random House.