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Thisis a project spectrum, of home made spectroscope. Spectroscope is anoptical instrument used for forming and recording spectra imagesthrough a diffraction grating.(Arison, 198 ).I made a spectroscopewith a box and used dvd for a diffraction grating. This is a image ofthe spectroscope that I made from scratch to its functional state.


Idid two spectrum experiment one using sunlight and the other usingneon bulb. I made various observations. The sun emits a continuousspectrum as a result of atoms pushed together, making their level tobroaden. It consisted of rainbow light as indicated in the picture.This is what I observed in the sun spectrum.

Thesun spectrum image.

Asyou can see in figure above ,there is green, yellow, red ,blue andgreen colour that are visible from the experiment of the sunspectrum.

Image2 neon bulb spectrum

Inneon bulb red light was more visible with little orange and greenfrom the centre of the dvd.

Iwill use the sun spectrum to calculate the energy in eV. Assumingthat these represent the spectrum distribution of lights.






Where E0 =13.6eV


N4 to N1 would require an energy of



Theelement present in the bulb is Neon gas,while in the sun spectrum,there is Hydrogen,Sodium, Magnesium to mention a few.


Avison,J. (1989). TheWorld of physics.Cheltenham: Nelson.