Thegrand mother

Sheis an old woman who lives with a man called Bailey together with hisfamily. She is a stubborn woman who sticks to her opinion evenwithout the consideration of others, she never wanted to visitFlorida as the rest of the family but wanted to visitin east Tennessee. She is also very compelling, she almost convincedmisfit that he was a good man and she got a moment of grace as shewas the last one killed. Her old age affects her in such a way thatshe easily forgets and this leads them to a wrong path that gets allof them killed.

Thelady possess a static behavior in that she does not appreciate thechange that have occurred with time, instead she thinks currentsociety has undergone deterioration. I do sympathize with thecharacter since she does not meet her interest to go to Tennessee asthe family prefer Florida. The children are important characterssince they support the grandma to go the olden house where they meettheir death. The grandma is a source of conflict since disagree withfamily members in almost everything especially which place theyshould visit. The main characteristic of the grandma is that she veryforgetful in that she has forgotten so much about her past and she iseven wrong about the direction she is giving. She is also romantic ashe describes how her courtship was and this tell us that she is washappy about it.


Heis an enemy of the state, a criminal who kills a family when they arecaught by car accident. The character is affected by his past. He wasonce a good man but was put in jail for no good reason in thistransform him to the criminal he has become. He is static when itcomes to behavior since even after a mentorship talk from an oldgrandma, he does not change but goes ahead and kill her. Thecharacter is not to be sympathized with since he kills innocentpeople for revenge of the evils done to him by other people. BobbyLee and Hiram support misfit in all that he does and they are asource of conflict, if they were not supporting what misfit wasdoing, he could perhaps get his right mind back.

Thestory is neither told by the main character nor any other characterin the story. The story is told by a third person. The character Ifollow most closely is the grandmother since she is mysterious andthis creates the urge to unfold her. My point of view changes fromone person to another as I am able to see sense as the story goesalong. The grandmother was right about the existence of misfit eventhough at that point she appeared stubborn. The author shows thewords and action of Bailey but not his thoughts, this createssuspense which makes the story interesting since one is not aware ofwhat actions they will do next.

Thetone is cynical since the one laughs at the character as theirtriviality is exposed. Illustrated by:

Sheknew that Bailey would not be willing to lose any time looking at anold house, but the more she talked about it, the more she wanted tosee it once again and find out if the little twin harbors were stillstanding. &quotThere was a secret panel in this house,&quot shesaid craftily, not telling the truth but wishing that she were…

Thelanguages used is elevated since most of the terms used are notcommonly used e.g. accidentallyasphyxiate. The story is not realistic since it is hardly to haveonly one passerby, the story claim that it was only misfit who wasaround that area alone. The gun shots could be heard from far and wecould expect that police men would appear almost immediately. Thestory is told by a third party, this makes dialogue a smaller part ofthe story. The author uses symbolism right from the title ‘A goodman is hard to find’, the grandmother argues with her son when shewarns her about the dangers that are Florida but he does not listen,this is illustrated by:

.&quotHere this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is a loose fromthe Federal Pen and headed toward Florida and you read here what itsays he did to these people. Just you read it. I wouldn`t take mychildren in any direction with a criminal like that a loose in it. Icouldn`t answer to my conscience if I did.&quot

Thisclearly relates to the theme since misfit is also another man whocannot be described to good.

Themajor theme is revenge, the heart of misfit has been changed by whathe encountered in the prison for actions he never committed.

&quotInever was a bad boy that I remember of,&quot as he tell thegrandmother.

Q1.The story shocked me because the advice of the grandmother wasultimately true but it just appeared to be a made up story about theman called misfit. To somebody who argues I would say that a shift intone is a flaw in the story since they would have made wrong judgmentabout the story.

Q2.Good is defined to mean that even bad people can change. Thedefinition does not change since bad people like misfit remain intheir criminal state.

Q3.Misfit has redeeming qualities since she gives the grandmotherunexpected grace. The grandmother means that misfit is just like oneof his own son and in that case misfit should consider her as amother. Misfit responds by putting bullets in her chest to prove thatshe was wrong.


O`Connor,Flannery. Agood man is hard to find.Harvest Books, 1955.