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ClassroomTechnology for Real-World Experiences

Summary:Experienceis the best teacher. Introducing technology to students requiresslight review of theoretical and practical sections. Classroommimicking of real world is a tenet of education, especially when itis prominent to role-play. The innovative Hellerup School skipstypical classrooms and now opts for a grow-up educational approach.Students are in total control of technology use (Ribeiro,2013).Adults also have access to technology with artificial constraints.The Globe and Mail report looks at the school, which has impressedmany administrators and educations in the United States.

MajorClaim:The major claim is not new for a free and open model. It is theMontessori’s tenet of education that emphasizes on the student andnot the teacher driving his or her learning. However, Hellerup’sintegrated a mimicking approach to the use of technology. This hascompelled the adult at the workplace (Ribeiro,2013).According to Denmark’s educators, there is no need to establishscarcity technology use. In Scandinavia, students are allowed to usethe internet during exams. This maybe unfair, but it makes sense whenthe main goal is mimicking professional adult life.

Rationale:Teacher’s practicing, performing, and learning predetermined songs,refers to yore’s music class. This is without room for student’simprovisation or input. But why teach the arts when its performersare neglected? UCLA Today reported that one teacher opted to create arecording studio out of a music class. He did it by first handlinghis students has little Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas. Students areinstructed to write their lyrics rather than just memorize the songs(Ribeiro,2013).Students are able to establish personal understanding of musicalexpression.

Evaluation:Educators can reshape how students learn through these two examples.I would agree if only this was done by opening up classroom doorsbeyond driving experiences and school walls.

MyResponse: Basedon my personal experiences, it could be fair if only the studentswere encouraged to follow due whenever they are applying technologyin their classroom readings.

SunGardK-12 Education’s eSchoolPLUS 4.0 Tech &amp Learning’s best ofShow

Summary:eSchoolPLUS4.0 is the next generation students’ information system. It is astudent information management, which assist educators positively anddirectly to impact on students’ achievements. SunGard K-12 is thelatest version. The version is an award-winning students’information system embedded with a sharp user interface with otherfeatures, which promotes collaboration (PRWeb,2015).eSchoolPLUS 4.0 delivers towards bringing solution to schools withuser-mandated interactivity. eSchoolPLUS 4.0 leverages on the latesttechnology by creating a highly stable and progressive solution tostudents.

MajorClaim:HTML5 is eSchoolPLUS 4.0’s core technology. It offers userexperience and the same application in PC, Chromebook, iPad, and anyother browser. SunGard K-12 holds the believe that eSchoolPLUS 4.0guarantees a new usability standard with some of its featuresincluding advanced navigation equipment, responsive design, anddesign mobile-first concepts (PRWeb,2015).

Rationale:For Hames and along with the eSchoolPLUS 4.0, these new features havea well-received standardized gradebook, which creates a solutionresponsible to the wants of current educators. The transition ensureda stable and reliable workhorse of student’s information system istransformed.

Evaluation:The transformation has left the customers vowing to make a differencein learning and education (PRWeb,2015).Tech &amp Learning advisers are aligned with the next-generationinformation system students, which is likely to be a game-changermeant to support educators and the K-12 education. Tech &ampLearning and SunGard K-12 Education are solution-oriented softwarethat supports school achievement.

MyResponse: Itshould be noted that tablet-friendly pages and icons havegesture-friendly screens. Advanced tools therefore, should providethis solution. At-a-glance insights promote collaboration betweenparents, teachers, and students. It is highly customized to guaranteefunctionality across the software.

PeripheralWord-Processing Keyboards Alternative

Summary:Schools,businesses, and libraries now opt for peripheral word-processingalternative keyboards. Alpha Smart is the best-known keyboardalternative meant to perform word-processing tasks. It is a simplebut more effective product, which favors students’ writing. Schoolsinvest in peripheral word-processing alternative keyboards due tocomputer prices considering one can buy many of them (Tang-Lau,2004).Secondly, their batteries last an approximated 300 hours. Wirelesskeyboards are not part of the computers, which frees up the computerfor advanced tasks. Thirdly, the keyboards are rarely unbreakable.They are made of durable helmet bicycle material.

MajorClaim:Peripheral word-processing alternative keyboard is creatively used ina number of ways. It is used as a problem-solving tool whenever thecomputer is in use. In Anaheim Public Library, it is used in threesections of the library typing practice section, research, andword-processing section. Millburn’s Wyoming Elementary School, NewJersey, uses it to field trips with the students.

Rationale:The keyboard is used to add up to student’s achievement in bothelementary and adult school (Tang-Lau,2004).Alpha Smart Company claimed that students used this keyboard, andshowed an average of 7.12 gains in listening and reading. Other thirdgrade teams in the school felt that an improvement could be traced onsuccessful use of the keyboard with a writing processor.

Evaluation:Alot of positive perceptions are produced by the keyboard. Of studentsinterviewed, 84% of them felt that that the keyboard has facilitatedtheir learning. Another 92% praised it for its interesting andfun-writing methods. Another report indicated that majority of theteachers were unwilling to share their class work, especially whenusing pencil and paper to write (Tang-Lau,2004).

MyResponse:The peripheral word-processing alternative processing keyboardsmotivate students to focus on their work. It also facilitates peer topeer interactions and easier editing. Students are also thought aboutthe need for technology skills that might entirely change theirlives.

How21stCentury Librarian Improves Student Learning

Summary:SusanGauthier is East Baton Rouge Parish Schools’ director of libraryservices. Having served as the library specialist, she also served asa technology consultant. In 2014, she was awarded the Libraryspecialist award from the school of librarians in Louisiana (Gordon,2015).Susan Gauthier, when asked about the role of a school library,emphasized that it addresses digital literacy. She works towardsbringing the makerspaces into her school, while coding in withelementary libraries.

MajorClaim:As for the makerspaces, known as the book clubs before, it assistsone to have a touch with his or her creativity. Most of the middleand elementary schools shares what they do to inspire new ideas.Susan observed that most of the schools do not have resources, andthus the need for Makerspace. Makerspace enable the librarians tocheck out, carry forth, and use it as something that pops up on theforefront.

Rationale:But how does it advance students’ education? She muses that itmight sound like a play time, but cautions that it might soundsurprising (Gordon,2015).However, she saw it has an eventual evolvement of a curriculumconnection. The presence of a librarian converses with the teachingthat constantly complains of being tied to a curriculum instead ofhaving fun.

Evaluation:Volumenproject, according to Sudan Gauthier, is one of the newcollaborations she find exciting. Louisiana State University came upwith a card that allowed access to library resources. Susan confirmsher library’s cards’ distribution, which includes databases,e-books, and music. During normal occasions, the students are able toaccess online resources, and their parents are able to sign importantpapers (Gordon,2015).However, most of the parents fail to do so. For some resources likethe TumbleBooks, some kids may fail to access them. Susan considersit to be pretty unusual, more so from home towards school.

MyResponse: Craftingclubs, book clubs, and enrichment clubs are used by students toimprove their reading and writing skills, and thus Susan shouldemphasize on these clubs to enable the students to tap into eachother’s creativity.

Googlewants Teachers to Pilot its 3D Virtual Field Trip

Summary:Googleplans to roll out its Expeditions aimed at taking its virtual tripsto another level. Google also considers educators’ requests topilot this technology before year-end within the classrooms setting.A slight view of the device, with an android cellphone, will make upa folded cardboard. The students are able to experience an immersivevirtual excursion and a three-dimensional event (Pierce,2015).Reminiscing Mattel’s late 30’s stereoscopic devices, the GoogleCardboard my turn out to be a smartphone with a cutting realityviewer dimension with virtually fielded trips.

MajorClaim: Googlenoted that expeditions allowed some teachers liven up theircurriculum through students’ field trips. On the Mars’ surface,around the globe, back in time, or diving on the coral reefs,abstract concepts were awaken in expeditions. This provided thestudents with a better understanding of the outside world. OnSeptember 28th,Google announced a global pilot program aimed at sending some teamsto participate in training the teachers.

Rationale:The teachers then will be mandated to use technology during classtimes (Pierce,2015).Google, on the other hand, will apply their feedback to improve itsservice before it is launched. Its pioneer phase is a pilot program,which will focus more on the six states Connecticut, California, NewJersey, Illinois, Texas, and New York.

Evaluation:Google’s creation of Expeditions is acquired from Google maps andthe Street View. Giving an example of a 10thgrader, the experiences of using the Expeditions allows students totap into tactical and kinesthetic learning styles. This is becausethey are able to stand up and look around. The 10thgrader teaches students to learn about disabilities however, on thesame day, they were fully engaged in a tussle (Pierce,2015).

MyResponse:Having observed the tenth grader based on the student’s excitement,that she felt she was present, I therefore would like to undertakethis virtual field trip, which will guarantee a photo sphere, andtherefore prompts them on the reflection of what features theyobserved.

ToLeverage Social Media Tools for the Professionals Development

Summary:TheEtowah County School System is known for its long tradition ofchurning high academic standards. To guarantee best use of thistechnology, to develop professions is the first priority. The schoolreceived a total of $360,000 in 2014 through competitive grants(Shield,2011).The school also established Schoolwire Centricity communitymanagement platform and website in 2008. Currently, the schoolbenefits from the website considering it makes it cost effective andaccessible for the teachers, foster strong connections, and engagingthe students.

MajorClaim:As for the ENGAGE initiative, Melissa Shields collaborated with Dr.Paul Campell and Dr. Mintz Kim to come with it in 2009. Theinitiative is an ongoing transformation process, which betterprepares the students for the job market. Other ENGAGE initiativecomponents include integration of skills by teachers to use NETS-T,teacher’s sustained professionals’ development, and increase inrigor, relevance, and guarantee to ensure the students are ready forthe next stage (Shield,2011).

Rationale:Podcast challenge took part in launching the initiative, with everyprincipal challenged to come up with a podcast for summer retreat.Social media for teachers means that they are encouraged toparticipate during the in NetDay’s SpeakUp Survey. Majority of theconstituents are regular social media users. Facebook and Twitter hasbeen embedded with links to engage them more within the website.Often, Melissa Shields tweets about school activities.

Evaluation:The school has experienced huge responses from the constituents fromboth Facebook and Twitter (Shield,2011).As a result of professional development projects, the constituentshave become used to, in participation of these forums. Majority ofthe schools have created their own pages that are linked directly tothe school websites.

MyResponse: Iwould response on the podcast challenge to frequently be carried outbefore any constituents are launched in support of social media toolsbe operated in order to encourage professionalism between theteachers and the students.


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