Supplements by Weight Loss Condition

Supplementsby Weight Loss Condition

Supplementsby Weight Loss Condition

Inmedicinal, physical fitness, or health context, weight loss refers toconsiderable reduction of the overall body mass. The weight loss maybe due to the loss of fluid, adipose or body fat, which includesmineral deposits tendon, muscle, and other connective tissues. Weightloss may be as a result of malnourishment, a conscious effort forimprovement of health towards perceived or actual obese state, orbecause of an underlying disease. One of the causes leading to weightloss includes malnutrition. McGraw (2004) observed that malnutritionresult in vitamin deficiency and inactivity that in turn lead topre-disposing of pressure sores. The thesis of the report involvesconducting weight loss research, creating a supplement to be put inthe market to help with weight loss condition. Additionally, thereport will look at the ingredients for making weight losssupplements and reasons for choosing them.

Theproduct supplement for weight loss is made up of five ingredients.Unsurprisingly, scientific information available in regard to theseingredients varies significantly. In some cases, researches insupport of a given use of specific ingredients have a short durationand of poor quality, and thus limits its strengths (Sellman, 2008).In almost the entire cases, more research is needed to entirelyunderstand the efficacy and safety of each ingredient in thisproduct. To complicate the interpretation of numerous researchstudies, the fact that remains is that the ingredients making up theproduct are multiple, and thus makes it difficult to isolate everyeffect in each ingredient (Torkos, 2004). The product may not befully explained, and thus amounts and dosages to be taken for activecomponents differ greatly among other weight-loss products.

Theproduct is made up of five ingredients namely, green tea, greencoffee bean extract, calcium, chromium, and fucoxanthin. From itsinitials, the product is therefore named as GGCCC Weight LossSupplement, which is solely used for weight loss. One would ask whatthe rationale behind choosing the five ingredients is. First, greentea was chosen because of its ability to increase energy expenditurein the supplement, fat, and oxidation, while it ensures fatabsorption and lipogenesis in a person’s body is reducedconsiderably (Hensrud &amp Mayo Clinic, 2000). In regard to itsefficacy, a number of clinical trials have been carried out, whichhas guaranteed a good methodological quality on the ingredient withor without caffeine. The ingredient is an herb whose researchfindings consider it to offer a possible effect and modesty on aperson’s weight loss.

Theproduct’s main ingredient is calcium, which was chosen because ofits ability to increase fat accumulation and lipolysis, whiledecreasing its fat absorption. Its efficacy follows several researchtrials conducted on the ingredient, which according to Hensrud &ampMayo Clinic (2000), noted its findings to include minimal effect on aperson’s weight loss, and prevention of weight-gain based on theresearch trials (Kantor, 2007). Introduction of calcium in theproduct helps a person meet recommended nutritional intakeobjectives, which means it surpasses the choice of calcium-rich foodsinstead and are more likely to overlook the initial intention oflosing weight. Additionally, it is reported that calcium triggersgradual increases in the process of body thermogenesis, which is thebody’s main temperature source. Blair-West (2008) reported thatthermogenesis boosts metabolism process, which in turn prompt thebody to burn excess fat.

Thechoice of chromium in the initial stages of coming up with theproduct was met by a number of criticism, which claimed theingredient is likely to cause other health effects. However, itsimportance in weight loss overlooked its alleged effects. Accordingto Trudeau (2007), increases the body’s lean muscle mass, reducesfood uptake, promotes fat loss, and reduces fat cravings and hungerlevels. Because of these reasons, chromium is an important ingredientwith its efficacy stating several research trails of differentmethodological quantity. Its findings reveal minimal effect on body’sbody fat and weight. Other reasons for choosing the ingredientinclude building muscles, break down of carbohydrates, and burning offat.

Greencoffee bean is part of the ingredients that makes up the weight lossproduct. The ingredient was chosen because its main function is toinhibit accumulation of fat, while it assists in modulation ofglucose metabolism (Hensrud &amp Mayo Clinic, 2000). In terms of itsefficacy, green coffee bean registered a poor methodological qualitya few trial tests were carried out. The research findings on theingredient meant that possible modest effects rest on the bodyweight. Torkos, (2004) noted that just like other supplements, greencoffee beans could also be marketed as part of a “natural”solution to losing weight. Additionally, and for that reason, theingredient was chosen as part of the ingredients making up the weightloss product due to its ability to demand less exercise.

Finally, there is fucoxanthin as part of the ingredients since itincreases the amount of energy and oxidation of fatty acid. It isshould be noted that the ingredient also suppresses the adipocyte andaccumulation lipid. Its efficacy showed studies, which shows acombination with the pomegranate oil seeds in one human trial(Torkos, 2004). Before its inclusion, a practical was carried out andit was noted that little to no effect did the ingredient have on aperson’s body. The supplement was discovered to successfully loosefat, while improving the diet and exercises. In addition, thesupplement provides consistency in balancing nutrition, whileensuring a focus on the workout and nutrition program is included inthe product.

Afterthe product is released to the market for trials, there arecontradictions and concerns likely to be experienced by using thisproduct. This is because of the ingredients making up thesupplements, which is of major concern. Some of the safety concernsreported involved complains from the users such as tolerable upperlevel intake. Excessive use of calcium in the product was noted tolikely result in constipation, which according to Sellman (2008),could possibly result in iron and zinc absorption. The product mayalso likely experience and be associated with increasing risks ofkidney stones.

Theuse of trivalent chromium in the product may be well-tolerated.Concerns likely to be reported are adverse effects drawn fromclinical trials, which include vertigo, nausea, stools, weaknesses,headache, and urticarial (McGraw, 2003). According to McGraw (2004),chromium as part of the ingredients will likely report an establishedeffects since few serious effects of toxicity in the supplement. Itshould be noted that safe use of the supplement (fucoxanthin) has notbeen evaluated thoroughly in individuals. Although the participantsthat used the supplement during the trials of the product reportedslight effects, further findings noted that side effects wouldinclude sleepless nights and slow reduction of fats in the body.

Subsequently,concerns likely to be reported about using green coffee beans assupplements include nausea, headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, andupper respiratory symptoms. According to Kantor (2007), previousreports indicate that cases of liver toxicities have been reported ofindividuals taking weight loss products containing green coffeebeans. However, it may turn out to be unclean on whether thistoxicity is attributed to the supplement. Considering previous trialsof the supplement were short, safety on the long-term is not known.

Whenit came to dosages, the product was prescribed to specific amounts toavoid misuse of the supplements. However, there are various GGCCCdosages recommended depending on the size of the person, whereby itis mandated to successfully achieve its function. For reduction ofbody fats, 1.9g to 8g is recommended every day. For optimum results,GGCCC product should also be recommended to include 3 sift gels takenwith daily meals, three times a day. It should also be noted thatGGCCC weight loss supplement is not a guarantee for immediate weightloss however, when the product is combined with a special,well-balanced diet, and a good exercise, GGCCC can act towardseffectively reducing body fat, while at the same time supports thegrowth of a lean muscle (Hensrud &amp Mayo Clinic, 2000).Additionally, one can consume the product with several other dietarysources. However, if one is unsure of his or her intake of thisproduct or one is exercising vigorously, the GGCCC supplement canhelp a person in attaining fat loss goals.

Formsof nutrient supplements for this product are available in pills andliquids. The product is made available in two different formnutrients based on people’s preferences and different forms ofweight. GGCC is available in form of pills and in liquid form whoseavailability would present the clients with choices to choose from(Blair-West, 2008). GGCCC pills is considered to be non-essential,sometimes as conditionally-essential. It should be noted thatdifferent forms of nutrients plays an important role in the fattyacids transfer.

Thecolor of the label comes in different forms. But the most distinct ofthem all is the plastic, which is used entirely on liquidsupplements. The plastic containers of different sizes, which arealso labeled with printed information. The label consist ofinformation that shows the measured amount of weight losssupplements, the ingredients used, instructions to be followed byusers, and the expiry date. All these information is considered aslabeling, which Trudeau (2007) noted to be a key feature in manyother products. The label is important because it describes theproduct while specifying its contents, helps in identifying the brandof the GGCCC product, helps to show the product grade, for promotingthe product, and also provides required information about the law.


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