BasicMarketing Plan

Goalsand Milestones

NYDeli &amp Grill intends to achieve the following goals andmilestones. The major goal for NY Deli &amp Grill is to become amarket leader in the hotel industry in Saint Louis, MO and itsenvirons. NY Deli &amp Grill has the following milestones that willlead to the achievement of its goals. To identify the marketdemographics and market specifically to the identified demographics,maintain customer loyalty, and avoid all the possible marketingpitfalls.


NYDeli &amp Grill Restaurant is a start-up business that will beventuring into the hotel and hospitality industry in Saint Louis, MO.The restaurant will be using state of the art cooking grills and usethe freshest ingredients in all the cuisines. It focuses on providingunmatched services to clients in the city of Saint Louis, MO. Therestaurant also plans to provide accommodation services to itsclients besides the food services.


NYDeli &amp Grill intends to expand the service portfolio and servemarkets in Saint Louis as well as outside the city through subsidiarybranches. The most targeted clients are the working population whowalk or drive to work in the morning. The services are outlined to betechnology driven in the sense that all payments are made throughelectronic money transfer. To reach out to potential clients, NY Deli&amp Grill intends to make use of mass media and social mediaplatforms for advertisement. These platforms are said to connect manypeople most of whom could be potential clients (Hall and Christian,158).


Thetarget market is primarily composed the Saint Louis population andthose from neighboring hoods. The target market is composed of peopleranging from late 20s all the way to those in their late 60s. Thismarket is expected to have a high purchasing power since they belongto the working age in the population. People in their 30s all the wayto the late 60s are normally active. It is also important to notethat the location of NY Deli &amp Grill gives it a competitive edgein the sense that the street has a high traffic of people who arelikely to stop by and take meals.


NYDeli &amp Grill intends to apply a number of strategies in marketingits brands in terms of foods and general hospitality. The mainmarketing strategy will be through erection of billboards portrayingthe services and foods offered. Studies have shown thatadvertisements through billboards provide an invaluable opportunityto reach out to potential clients. This ultimately contributes to thewidening of the client base (Sturman,162).Other marketing strategies will be through televised advertisementsand promotions through social media. This is expected to win a goodnumber of customers for growth and expansion of the restaurant.


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Accordingto Ahmed,the male gender has always been given superior roles in the societycompared to their female counterparts throughout the history ofmankind (125). The indigenous societies across the globe held man asa strong being who should always strive to rigid, decisive andprotective to his family. The woman was therefore supposed to besubmissive to her man .It is evident that the same ideologies havebeen passed even in the contemporary epoch. Societies still hold theman as superior and take him to be protective over the society.However, several ideologies on the male gender have changed. Womenare becoming empowered with each passing day. Apparently, governmentsacross the world have come up with gender equity laws which havegiven women extensive opportunities in the corporate world, politicsand other professional fields (Sweetman43).The girl child has been over empowered and apparently the boy childis an endangered species (Kaye 32).The changing societal trendstherefore call for change in men. Biblical connotations too depictthat man should not conform to the old ways but embrace change. InRomans 12:2 the bible says, “Do not be conformed to this world, butbe transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you maydiscern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable andperfect.” On the same note, sources contend that men find it harderto change and adjust to new situations than women. This paperprovides a sample presentation that is appropriate for teaching menon embracing change in the upcoming men retreat.

Once,in his speech Winston Churchill said that, toimprove is to change to perfect one needs to change often.Winston’s assertion therefore depicts that for human being toimprove and become well with each passing day, they have to embracechange in their lives. In Hebrews the bible emphasizes on the essencechange in the clergy “for when there is change in the priesthood,there is necessarily a change in law as well” (Hebrews 7:12). Thisreveals that life presents people with opportunities to be better.Based on Kaye’s assertions, the world is so fair that it provideseveryone with the same number of hours a day as well as the samenumber of days in a year (32). What matters therefore is how wellthese hours are utilized. To fully utilize their hours perfectly, menneed to discard old ideologies and become better men.

Menneed to be more accustomed to adopting new lifestyles, trying newtechnology, becoming father figures and empowering their women. In a workshop in Bahamas, Craig once said that whatever one’sdefinition of success might be, he or she will never achieve itunless one is willing to embrace change (78).

Craig once postulated that when we are no longer able to change asituation, we are challenged to change ourselves(67).The keyassertion here is that today, more than ever before we are beingcalled upon to embrace change across many levels. Each day ispresenting us with new things. We have to change our lifestyles,there is need to be clearer on our values, aspects and ambitions inlife we need to embrace the constantly changing technologies thatare impacting every aspect of life. Additionally, there is need toadapt to the people surrounding us who are also evolving .Abraham inthe bible was a man and yet an embodiment of change. Men you need tobe like Abraham the bible says, “By faith Abraham was called to goout …and he went out to a place not knowing where he was going”(Hebrews 11:8).The bible verses tell us that change is part of lifethat it should be experienced by everybody.

Inconclusion, I will allude to Leo’s quote that everyone thinks ofchanging the world but nobody thinks of changing himself. It the timemen came out of this cocoon and change for the better.


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Impactof American Participation in World War I

TheUnited States initially avoided the global war that had arisen in1914 until 1917 when it joined. The joining of the war by the UnitedStates caused various impacts to the government and people ofAmerica. The below essay describes the impacts of the Americanparticipation in World War I on the national economy, civil libertiesand public attitudes.


Theeconomy of the US was greatly affected by her participation in theWorld War I. For instance, infrastructure was developed to facilitateease of movement of troops and ammunitions. The development oftransport enabled businesses to develop fast due to betteraccessibility by both suppliers and consumers. The factory outputrose by 33% in four years (Gilpin, 234-257). The brisk step in theeconomy was as a result of civilian works that were left when theothers left for war.


Thepartaking of the United States in the World War I led to thelimitation of civil liberties. The United States government speechpassed the laws to curtail freedom of expression and, but the lawswere disapproved by the courts. The engagement of the United Statesin the World War I, however, had little impact on the civilliberties. The news that was to be released by the media wascontrolled and many restrictions made to ensure the government wasconservative enough of the original culture (Kaplan 347-369)


Theattitudes of the public in the United States were mixed up as aresult of the participation in the war. This mixture was becauseAmericans did not support the war from the start. There were somegroups that supported the American invasion to Germany an issue thatwas strongly opposed by other groups.


Toconclude, the participation of the United States in the World War Iaffected the economy positively whereas it affected civil libertiesboth positively and negatively.


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