Sushi 29


Inthe current world of business, every business strives hard to stayrelevant and ahead of the competition. As Peters(2010) agrees, thebusiness community today is one that values and heavily relies ontechnology, mostly the internet. As a result, companies that makesignificant use of technology and social media stay ahead of theirpeers. The internet is one of the leading marketing channels that canbe exploited by businesses in a bid to reach new customers and retainthe ones they already have. It, therefore, goes without saying thattechnology is one of the biggest factors that any business shouldconsider planning the organization of its activities. On that note,this section seeks to analyze the organizational analysis of Sushi29.

CurrentUses of Technology

Sushi29 uses technology to serve different purposes in its existence andoperations. To catch up with its peers and competitors, hasa website www.sushi29.comthat can is accessible to anyone with internet connectivity. The siteis pleasant to look at and eye-catching. On the home page of thewebsite, there are sample pictures of dishes made by the company.Pictures of different meals made by the business flip through in aslide show. The website has other useful sections that includedifferent menus and meal ideas. On top of these, the website also hasa map that customers can use to navigate to the hotel if they want tobuy a meal.

Thesite also lists the street address of the business and clearlyoutlines the working hours for each day. This helps in ensuring thatcustomers know when they can pay the restaurant a visit without therisk of finding it closed. Through the phone number provided on thewebsite, customers can also make calls for reservations andinquiries. Apart from the website, the other area where therestaurant makes use of technology is its payment methods. As listedon the homepage of its website, the restaurant accepts and usestechnologically advanced methods of payments that are the MasterCardand Visa. By embracing electronic means of payment for its services,technology helps keep in touch with current trends inbusiness. Nowadays, people prefer electronic methods of payment suchas credit cards to carrying cash.

Useof Social Media

Onmatters social media, is not left behind. The businessutilizes various social media platforms to market its products andreach potential customers. Leading in its social media arsenal isFacebook. runs a Facebook page. Clients and other Facebookusers can like the page to get information on offers, menus and otherkey aspects of . A link to the Facebook page isprovided on the restaurant’s website. Through it, one can easilylike or share the restaurant’s Facebook page. The page tells thecustomers whether the restaurant is open at that time and also givesthem the ability to make reservations. The fact that onlyuses Facebook as its social media marketing tool shows that it hasnot exploited other avenues such as Twitter and Instagram.

Sushi29’s presence in social media is not a task that the business doesby itself. The business’s customers also play a fair share inkeeping on social media. The likes, reviews and check-ins onthe restaurant’s Facebook page is an indicator that customersactively participate in ’s social media campaign. AsPeter’s (2010) affirms, the success of any social media platformdepends on how other users participate in it. The fact that quitesome Facebook users take their time to like, comment and share thepost on ’s page shows that is well received onsocial media platforms. This comes from its efforts and goodreception by its clients and general Facebook users.

Apartfrom Facebook, is also available on other social mediaplatforms. For instance on Instagram, clients post pictures of theirtimes at the restaurant on their timelines. Instagram allows itsusers to add a location to their posts. Therefore, when customers make posts and add as their location, other userscan view all the posts that are linked to that location. Using Sushi29 as a hashtag is also another way the restaurant gets itself onInstagram. The same scenario applies to Twitter. ’spresence on various social media platforms shows the restaurant’suse of social media as a marketing tool.

Sushi29 and Season Seasonality

Seasonseasonality refers to the changes that are made to cope with changeswith what is available or what is not available. For food businesses,changing what they offer from season to season is inevitable. Thereason for this being that at times, a key ingredient required tomake a given meal may not be available. The implication of this isthat that particular meal becomes impossible to make. Therefore,season seasonality greatly fits with ’s operations. Therestaurant needs to be in a position of making necessary adjustmentsto what it offers its customers depending on what ingredients are inseason or what foods are in demand.


Tocompete fairly in the catering business, has to engageefficientand cost friendly marketing strategies to woo potential customers andretain the current ones. Currently, social media is the in thing andbusinesses that succeed have a significant social media presence. has not been left behind. The company engages in socialmedia marketing by running a Facebook page. The restaurant alsoutilizes technology in other ways that include a business web siteand advanced methods of payment that include Visa Card andMasterCard.


Peters,A. (2010). Socialmedia marketing for small business: A step-by-step guide to creatingonline marketing campaigns.Raleigh, N.C.