Target Corp.


Human resources

The human resources at Target Corporation form the most vital partof the corporation. The corporation has ensured that the employeesget sufficient wages and work in an environment that is conducive. Itis essential to state that the corporation is mainly silent onunionized workforce and the management is extremely against workersunions. The corporation employs at least seven management staff inevery store with 113 team players. This is aimed at ensuring that theemployees comfortable and they are remunerated well (Pratt, 2013).The human resource department is tasked with the management of theemployees, which includes their welfare and remuneration. Thecorporation is under the leadership of a chief executive officer whois held responsible for steering the corporation forward. The CEO isassisted by the board of directors who make up the major decisionsaffecting the corporation. These managers are followed in thehierarchy by store managers, supervisors and the team players(Ziobro, 2014). The corporation relies on seniority and the length ofservice as the yardsticks for remuneration.

Marketing issues

The corporation believes in informing its clients of the variousproducts it offers as well as informing them of any information thatmay seem relevant to them. The corporation relays this information tothe clients through various media such as television and socialmedia. However, the sales at the store have been dwindling in thepast 2-3 years due to poor marketing strategies and insufficientmarket research. The complex website has been a major issue in themarketing initiatives (Halzack,2015). Although the corporation has tried to redesign the website, itis still evident that the clients visiting the website are few. Thecorporation has however gained immense support and great receptionfrom the clients for using celebrities as their brand in advertising.It is also essential to state that the corporation has been usingspecific languages to target certain groups of people such as theLatinos (Reinan, 2013).

Line of business

The Target Corporation is a retail discount store that operates over1800 outlets in the United States. The corporation operateshypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores and small format stores.The corporation deals with numerous products such as daily products,as well as products in the fashion industry. The corporation usesdiscounts to attract clients and offers cheaper alternatives to winthe competition from other retailers such as Wal-Mart (Minneapolis,2013). The company also operates an online store and whereit targets online shoppers. The company has mainly focused on thegroceries and it is best known for them. Although the company triedto open stores in Canada in 2013, the 113 stores were closed in 2015.The competitors include other retail stores such as the Wal-Mart andKmart. The company targets low, medium and high income earners byhaving stores in every corner of North America.

Acquisitions and production

Target has adopted various strategies to enhance expansion suchacquisition of other companies. One of such companies that itacquired is the DermStore Beauty Group. This was in a bid to expandit beauty business online. The acquired company seemed to havesufficient and established market for the beauty products(Minneapolis, 2013). The company also acquired CHEFS Catalog in 2013 under an agreement which stipulated the variousoperational logistics. Target allows the acquired companies tocontinue operating using their brands. However, the CEO of theacquired company reports directly to the CEO of Target. The companymaintains its production department. However, it is worth noting thatthe company reduces its production of various products and relies onthe acquired companies to produce the products.


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