The “Adventure Module” Activity

The“Adventure Module” Activity

OnSeptember 25ththis year my school organized a unique school activity that wastermed ‘The adventure module.” This activity that lasted for anight took place in city hotel that had modern buildings and guestservices. The experience reminded me of the five star hotels that Ihad seen in the movies. It was the most beautiful building that I hadever set my eyes upon. The environment all around, brought about themost serene feeling that I could ever imagine. I was so excited to beushered into my own room where I would spend the night.

Theexperience was planned to set us to get indulged in the school’sgroup games with other students. Everyone was excited and we wereencouraged to play group games that allowed us to interchange withother members of the group. The teacher said that the group work andthe interchangeable nature of different functions of our partnersrepresented the adventure aspect of the module. The whole idea ofteam work was to demonstrate its significance in our daily lives.After the games, I was shown to my room, which was a large room thatcould accommodate a couple of people sufficiently.

Inthe evening, everyone was supposed to dress up formally for dinner.The cuisine was incredible and some of us ate some delicacies we onlyheard of. It felt like I was part of the cast in a Hollywood movie.We were shown appropriate manners in a formal dinner and I could seethat everyone was enjoying the moment as it lasted. Every activity inthat magnificent hotel was an experience beyond measure. I couldnever compare an adventure that could match the thrill that thisparticular one had on me. The experience was incredible, exciting andcreated a new kind of learning to play group games in an expensivehotel with a formal environment.