The Baileys




TheKey problems with the Bailey’s family begin after they relocated toJapan. It was an effort to support Fred in his new three-yearassignment in Japan. First, the Baileys faced communication problemswith the locals. Specifically, Jenny faced problems communicating atthe community level. Many are the times she was alone. She alsocomplained about not having anything to watch on the TV. Jenny couldnot drive, as she could not understand the road signs. Fred facedcommunication problems with fellow employees. Second, they faced ashortage of American products. Jenny had severally mistaken somewashing product for mouthwash. The other problem was about theirchildren’s schooling in a foreign country (Long, 2000).


Thekey alternative to communication problems is to learn the Japaneselanguage or to have a translator. The key alternative to a shortageof American products is to import from their host country. The familyhas the alternative to send their children study at home and visitthem in Japan during vacation. It is also possible to relocate thefamily back to America and Fred work in Japan where he pays visits tothe family occasionally (Long, 2000).


Actionplan A-The family stays in Japan and obtains a translator for Jenny’scommunication problem. Consequently, they import the products theylack in Japan from America (Long, 2000).

ActionPlan B-Jenny and children can relocate back to America and leave Fredto work in Japan. Fred Visits the family on a frequent basis (Long,2000).

ActionC- Children can relocate back to the US for their schooling. Fred andJenny remain in Japan. The children visit the parents during vacation(Long, 2000).


PlanA: Fred needs to stay in Japan to maintain his career. If Jenny isto stay with him, she needs to learn Japanese or get a translator toaid in communication. The family can import most of their productsfrom America where they are more affordable than in Japan (Long,2000).

PlanB: Jenny and the children can relocate back to America due to thechildren’s schooling. Jenny can begin her business as she looksafter the children. The alternative requires that Fred frequentlyvisit the family (Long, 2000).

PlanC: The children can relocate back to America and leave the parentsin Japan. The children can visit the parents during their vacationfrom school (Long, 2000).


Long,S. (2000). Critical decision making.London: Routledge.