TheKing and I

TheKing and I is a musical spectacle authored in originally by a team oftheatre geniuses, a composer and a drama Richard Rodgers and OscarHammerstein 2nd.The Revival is a masterpiece of the three times Tony Award for theBest revival act. The piece is directed by the talented Barlett Sherand will be at the Lincoln Centre Theatre. Based on the Anna and theKing of Siam novel of 1944 by Margaret Landon, it is an account ofthe memoirs of the schoolteacher hired by the king to revamp hiscountry. The performance cuts across the effect the widowedschoolteacher has in her efforts to bring a spark of modernization tothis country as well as the challenges and setbacks she facesthroughout her mission. It also focuses on how in turn the process ofchange, reshapes her opinions thoughts and her as a whole.

Theperformance of art brings to light the creativity of the DirectorBarlett Sher a Tony award winner with the appearance of the giftedHoon Lee as the King of Siam alongside Kelli O`Hara. As described byHoon Lee, the musical is a jewel an opportunity not to be passed overas it brings more energizing captivating look with a more traditionaloutlook that gives more power and elementary woo to the performance.The cast which is of more than 50 is zealous and excited withtremendous energy that just rocks the performance. Andrew Resnickthe Conductor an improvement the piece brings the musical justice tothe story.

Therevival has been a much better improvement over the other set pieces,which has brought a larger fan base as well as hype and buzz to thetheatre performance. The idea of a classical enchantment is outrightoutdone by the performance. The significance of the preparation forthe national tour is perfect timing with musical release. It is quitethe masterpiece of a profound exquisite performance.


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