The perspective of the Korean conflict as a parent to male teenagers

Theperspective of the Korean conflict as a parent to male teenagers

Theperspective of the Korean conflict as a parent to male teenagers

Afterthe end of the Second World War in 1945, the world emerges with tworival ideologies: the capitalism advanced by the United States andthe Communism advanced by Russia. The world was divided into two, thecapitalist West and communist East. United States and Russia becamethe world super powers rivaling each other in their quest toestablish their ideologies in their colonies and new territories(Johnson, 2012). The world got to the era of cold war where the twosuper powers competed to spread their ideologies.

Manycountries became the casualties of the existing tension between thesuperpowers, for instance Korean republic. The conflict became severein the republic of Korea to the point the country was divided intotwo, North Korea dominated by Russia and South Korea controlled byUnited States (Johnson, 2012). The war eventually broke out that hadsignificant negative impact to the citizens of the Country. As aparent of male teenagers in this country, there is every reason toworry about the negative impact this war brings about in the lives ofteenagers.

Havingbeen split, South Korea was attacked by two neighbors with an aim tofight the democratic ideals advanced by the United States. The UnitedStates had to fight back to maintain its grip in the south, thereforeit meant the need to recruit more forces to fight aggressors. TheKorean male teenagers’ recruitment was the prime target by theUnited States to enhance its military strength. As a parent I wouldbe wary about the possibility of my sons being recruited to join theforces. Due to the heightened hostility ultimately my teenage sonswould find the incentives of joining the forces more appealing,therefore their lives will be in danger of being killed once in themilitary workforce (Roark, Johnson, Cohen, Stage &amp Hartmann,2013).

Theprospect of my sons living to achieve their goals in life becomes lowowing to the massive war present in our country. Not only will theybe easily killed as soldiers but also they lives is in danger ascivilians. If they will not be recruited by the United States as partof her military they will consequently land into the Russian allies’workforce. If the teenagers will survive the war, the reality oftheir experiences will go a long way to negatively affect the qualityof their adult life.

Owingto the division of the Country into two, the shared social, cultural,political and economic traits will be lost. My teenagers will facethe challenge of replacing their traditions with the westerndemocratic or the eastern communist ideals (Roark, Johnson, Cohen,Stage &amp Hartmann, 2013). They will live under the influence of anew way of living that would ultimately lead to erosion of thecountries traditions. Over time the teenagers develops the hostilitytowards the super powers which in essence serves to further widen thepossibility of another war.

Themora ideals of the teenagers will significantly be tampered bearingin mind that the teenagers are underage and still need the guidancefrom their parents. In essence the prevailing Korean conflictnegatively impacts the lives of the teenagers and thus affects thestability of the next generation.


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